Analysis is an extremely broad mathematical discipline. In Glasgow, research in analysis encompasses partial differential equations, harmonic analysis, complex analysis and operator algebras. The group currently consists of three members of academic staff. More information about our research interests can be found through the links below and information about postdocs, research students, grants and collaborators through the links on the right.


Dr Christian Bonicke : Lecturer

C*-algebras, groupoids, K-theory

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  • Dr Kevin Aguyar Brix : Carlesberg and DFF Fellow

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  • Prof Xin Li : Chair of Mathematical Analysis

    Research student: Owen Tanner
    Postgraduate opportunities: Interactions between groups, topological dynamics and operator algebras

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  • Dr Christian Voigt : Senior lecturer

    Noncommutative geometry; K-theory; Quantum groups

    Member of other research groups: Geometry and Topology, Algebra
    Research students: Jamie Antoun, Owen Tanner

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  • Dr Stephen J Watson : Lecturer

    The application of new mathematical ideas and new computational paradigms to material science, with an emphasis on self-assembling nano-materials; analysis and numerical analysis of partial differential equations arising in Continuum Physics; Material Science and Geometry.

    Member of other research groups: Continuum Mechanics - Modelling and Analysis of Material Systems

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  • Dr Mike Whittaker : Lecturer

    Operator algebras, topological dynamical systems, and noncommutative geometry.

    Member of other research groups: Geometry and Topology, Algebra
    Research students: Dimitrios Gerontogiannis , Kate Gibbins, Mustafa Ozkaraca, Jamie Antoun, Cheng Chen

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  • Dr Runlian Xia : Lecturer

    Research student: Kate Gibbins

  • Dr Joachim Zacharias : Reader

    C*-algebras, their classification and amenability properties; special examples of C*-algebras; K-theory and non commutative topology, noncommutative dynamical systems, geometric group theory with applications to C*-algebras.

    Member of other research groups: Integrable Systems and Mathematical Physics, Geometry and Topology, Algebra
    Research student: Dimitrios Gerontogiannis

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    Interactions between groups, topological dynamics and operator algebras (PhD)

    Supervisors: Xin Li
    Relevant research groups: Analysis

    The goal of this project is to develop a better understanding of the concept of continuous orbit equivalence for topological dynamical systems. This new notion has not been studied in detail before, and there are many interesting and important questions which are not well-understood, for instance rigidity phenomena. Apart from being interesting on its own right from the point of view of dynamics, continuous orbit equivalence is also closely related to the concepts of quasi-isometry in geometric group theory and Cartan subalgebras in C*-algebras. Hence we expect that progress made in the context of this project will have an important impact on establishing a fruitful interplay between operator algebras, topological dynamics and the geometry of groups.

    The theme of this research project has the potential of shedding some light on long-standing open problems. At the same time, it leads to many interesting and feasible research problems.