Challenges in the Continuum Modelling of Liquid Crystals

Nigel Mottram (University of Glasgow)

Thursday 12th May, 2022 13:30-14:15 Maths 311B and ZOOM


The first mathematical models of liquid crystalline materials, proposed by Oseen and Frank for static systems and then by Ericksen and Leslie for dynamics, are derived using a continuum approximation of the nematic liquid crystal phase. This approach has been used successfully to model real-world phenomena in very many situations - explaining and indeed predicting the anisotropic elastic and viscous behaviour of nematic liquid crystals - but in other situations it is thought that the continuum approximation may break down. In this talk I will discuss some examples of where the continuum approach has been successful, where the continuum approach should not be successful, but is, and where a continuum approach may never be successful. 

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