Programme and Participants

The Scientific Programme and Book of Abstracts for the 2013 UK MHD Meeting are awailable in PDF format. Please, click here for

Start and End times

You may find the following tentative information useful when planning your travel to Glasgow and back. 

  • Start - Thur, 23 May 2013
    • 9.00am - Start of the Meeting
    • 9.00am - 10.30am - Registration and Refreshments
    • 10.30am - Start of presentations
  • End - Fri, 24 May 2013
    • 15.30pm - Likely end of meeting
List of registered participants
  1. Michael Proctor, DAMTP, University of Cambridge, UK
  2. Andrew M. Soward, Mathematics Research Institute, University of Exeter
  3. Radostin Simitev, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Glasgow, UK
  4. Andrew Baggaley, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Glasgow, UK
  5. David Fearn, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Glasgow, UK
  6. J B Taylor, Radwin, Wallingford, UK
  7. Julian Mak, University of Leeds, UK
  8. Charles Boyd 
  9. Lintao Zhang, Coventry University, UK
  10. Kelig Aujogue, Coventry University, UK
  11. Kacper Kornet, Coventry University, UK
  12. Ivan Pakhotin,  University of Sheffield, UK
  13. Homayon Aryan, University of Sheffield, UK
  14. Peter Wyper, University of Sheffield, UK
  15. Dali Kong, University of Exeter, UK
  16. Keke Zhang, University of Exeter, UK
  17. Andrew Fletcher,  Newcastle University, UK
  18. Mitchell Berger, University of Exeter, UK
  19. Wayne Arter, CCFE, Abingdon, UK
  20. Samuel Hunter, Univesity of Leeds, UK 
  21. Michael Griffiths, University of Sheffield, UK
  22. Michael Bareford, University of St Andrews, UK
  23. Phil Livermore,  University of Leeds, UK
  24. David MacTaggart, University of Abertay Dundee, UK
  25. David Tsiklauri,  Queen Mary University of London, UK
  26. Stuart Mumford, University of Sheffield, UK
  27. Aditi Sood,  University of Sheffield, UK
  28. Lara Silvers, City University London, UK
  29. William Brown, University of Leeds, UK
  30. David Hughes, University of Leeds, UK
  31. Christina Davies, University of Leeds, UK
  32. Frederick Gent, University of Sheffield, UK
  33. Robert Teed, University of Leeds, UK
  34. Paul Bushby, Newcastle University, UK
  35. Moritz Linkmann,  University of Edinburgn, UK
  36. Lee Braiden, Coventry University, UK
  37. Grace Cox, University of Leeds, UK
  38. Laura Burgess, University of Leeds, UK
  39. Jonathan Hodgson, University of St Andrews, UK
  40. Wieland Dietrich, University of Leeds, UK
  41. Chris Jones, University of Leeds, UK
  42. David Skinner, City University London
  43. Thomas Neukirch, University of St Andrews, UK
  44. Agnieszka Hudoba, Coventry University, UK
  45. Jack Wood, University of Leeds, UK
  46. Andrew Gascoyne, University of Sheffield, UK
  47. Ineke De Moortel, University of St Andrews, UK
  48. Sam Durston, University of Exeter, UK
  49. Luis Silva, University of Glasgow, UK
  50. Benjamin Favier, University of Cambridge, UK
  51. Christopher Davies, University of Leeds, UK
  52. Graeme Sarson, Newcastle University, UK
  53. Anvar Shukurov, Newcastle University, UK
  54. David Pontin, University of Dundee, UK
  55. Jonathan Hagan, Coventry University, UK
  56. Eduard Kontar, University of Glasgow, UK
  57. Nic Bian, University of Glasgow, UK
  58. Natasha Jeffrey,  University of Glasgow, UK
  59. Philip McGavin, University of Dundee, UK
  60. Iain Hannah, University of Glasgow, UK
  61. Hugh Hudson, University of Glasgow, UK
  62. Ashley Willis, University of Sheffield, UK
  63. Scott Richardson, University of Dundee, UK
  64. Alasdair Wilson, University of Glasgow, UK
  65. Heather Ratcliffe, University of Glasgow, UK