Invitations and Prizes

The 3 best performing competitors for each model (9 in total) will be invited to speak at the Conference Day. In addition to this, the invited speakers will be asked to contribute a description of their method and results for inclusion in a paper describing the outcome of the event. This paper will be submitted for review and publication.

The best performing competitor for each model (3 total) will be awarded a £100 Amazon voucher.

All invited speakers are eligible for travel and accommodation support (capped at £250 total). We estimate that this will cover most travel within the UK and 2 nights of accommodation in Glasgow (the night before the Conference Day and the night of). Travel from outside of the UK is supported, but all support is capped at £250 total for each speaker. Invited speakers can discuss these details with the event organiser once the results have been announced.

Speakers have the opportunity for their oral presentation to be recorded using our Echo 360 facilities. This allows the speakers to further disseminate their work. This service is optional and permission will be sought from each speaker.

Please note that the invitation to speak at the Conference Day, the awarding of the travel and accommodation support and the awarding of prizes is subject to agreement that successful competitors are willing to contribute to a joint publication of the overall results.