The 2023 Seminar

The fourteenth Gerald Gordon seminar on criminal law, supported by the Clark Foundation and the Faculty of Advocates, took place on Tuesday 13 June 2023 on the University of Glasgow campus, when the following papers were presented:

  • Dr Graeme Brown (Aberdeen): Instinctive synthesis, cross-checks, and piggybacks: the sentencing judge as a bricoleur
  • Professor John Child (Birmingham): Tracing and translating fault: intoxication rules and beyond
  • Kajsa Dinesson (Edinburgh): Terrorist minds: on mental states and risk in terrorism prosecutions
  • Professor Melissa Hamilton (Surrey): AI-based reforms in criminal justice
  • Eamon Keane (Glasgow): Complainer representation in Scotland following WF v Scottish Ministers: lessons to be learned?
  • Pia Levičnik (Luxembourg): Pre-crime and punishment: the transformation of punishment through algorithmic risk assessment tools
  • Dr Sinéad Ring (Maynooth): On relevance and consent: interrogating the uses of the victim’s previous sexual history in serious sexual offences trials in Ireland