The 2017 Seminar

The ninth Gerald Gordon seminar on criminal law, supported by the Clark Foundation and the Faculty of Advocates, took place in the John Macintyre Building at the University of Glasgow on Tuesday 13 June 2017. The following papers were presented:

  • Professor Peter Alldridge (Queen Mary, University of London): "The fall and rise of forfeiture"
  • Jacob Bronsther (LSE): "A social defence theory of punishment"
  • Dr Kevin Brown (Queen’s University Belfast): "The governance of public space: excluding unpopular minorities through public space protection orders"
  • Ilona Cairns (University of Aberdeen): "Family relationships and the proposed criminalisation of domestic abuse in Scotland"
  • Professor Ester Herlin-Karnell (University of Amsterdam): "EU preventive regulation and the idea of criminal law"
  • Dr Genevieve Lennon (University of Strathclyde): "Policing human rights"
  • Professor Lucia Zedner (University of Oxford): "Due process as safeguard by and from the state