The 2010 Seminar

The second Gerald Gordon Seminar on Criminal Law, supported by the Clark Foundation for Legal Education, took place in Old College, University of Edinburgh on Thursday 10th June 2010. The speakers were:

  • Dr Liz Campbell (Aberdeen): "DNA databases and criminal justice: lessons from Scotland"
  • James Chalmers (Edinburgh) and Dr Fiona Leverick (Glasgow): "Retrial after a quashed conviction: 401 cases in search of a thesis"
  • Professor Pamela Ferguson (Dundee): "The criminalisation of smoking"
  • Professor Tim Jones (Swansea): "Transferred intent and unintended objects"
  • Professor Vanessa Munro (Nottingham): "Knowing it when we see it? The role of non-consent, coercion and exploitation in recent criminal justice responses to sexual violence"
  • Findlay Stark (Edinburgh): "Recklessness: an 'utter disregard' for clarity in definition?"
  • Professor William Wilson (Queen Mary): "Dealing with criminal attempts"