The 2012 Seminar

The fourth Gerald Gordon seminar on criminal law, supported by the Clark Foundation for Legal Education and the Faculty of Advocates, took place in the Raeburn Room, Old College, University of Edinburgh on Thursday 7th June 2012.  The speakers were:

  • Dr Andrew Cornford (Edinburgh): "Justifying criminal law"
  • Professor Neil Hutton (Strathclyde): "Performing justice?: The guidelines of the Sentencing Council of England and Wales"
  • Chloë Kennedy (Edinburgh): "The partial rise of subjectivism in Scots criminal law"
  • Patrick Layden QC TD (Scottish Law Commission): "The Scottish Law Commission's report on similar fact evidence and the Moorov doctrine"
  • Professor Fiona Raitt (Dundee): "Sexual offences, prosecutorial duties and the complainer's locus"
  • Professor Mike Redmayne (LSE): "Character and the defendant's credibility"