Published: 2 August 2021


Core Staff

  • J Adam Carter – virtue epistemology, social epistemology, know-how, extended epistemology
  • Emma Gordon – social epistemology, understanding, trust, intellectual virtues and vices, norms of assertion, artificial intelligence
  • Christoph Kelp – inquiry, knowledge, understanding, epistemic normativity, virtue epistemology, knowledge-first epistemology, social epistemology, scepticism, justification, defeat
  • Jack Lyons – empirically-informed epistemology, perception, evidence, justification, defeat, reliabilism
  • Bryan Pickel – truth, empiricism
  • Mona Simion – knowledge-first epistemology, social epistemology, epistemic normativity, justification

Affiliated Staff

  • Michael Brady – emotions, reasons, justification
  • Derek Brown – appearance/reality division, direct versus indirect perception
  • Robert Cowan – moral knowledge, epistemology of perception and emotion
  • Katharine Jenkins – epistemic injustice/oppression
  • Timothy Kearl - Inference, Knowledge-How, Defeasibility, Self-Knowledge
  • Matthew Vermaire - reasoning, inquiry
  • Christopher Willard-Kyle – ignorance, inquiry, wondering, social epistemology

For more information on research in this area, see Cogito

First published: 2 August 2021