Ethics, Aesthetics, and Moral Psychology

We have particular strengths in the study of emotions, virtues, autonomy, responsibility, and aesthetics

Core Staff

  • Michael Brady – emotion, virtue, suffering
  • Ben Colburn – autonomy, end of life, responsibility
  • Jennifer Corns – pain, affect, suffering, death, philosophy of medicine
  • Robert Cowan – moral psychology, moral epistemology
  • Gary Kemp – pictorial representation, expression, the definition of art, philosophy of literature
  • Glen Pettigrove – normative ethics, moral psychology, virtue theory, religious ethics
  • Mona Simion – blame, trust, well-being, moral testimony
  • Robin Zheng - moral responsibility, structural injustice, gender and race, social change.

Affiliated Staff

  • J Adam Carter – trust, polarisation, emotion, ethics of AI
  • Emma Gordon – applied ethics, bioethics (especially human enhancement), ethics of AI, philosophy of well-being, philosophy of psychotherapy
  • James Humphries – Kantian ethics, moral autonomy, moral responsibility
  • Christoph Kelp – blame, trust, moral understanding, moral assertion, moral testimony
  • Benjamin Matheson - responsibility, blame, apology, ethics of 
  • Joe Slater - moral obligation, demandingness, beneficence. 
  • Christopher Willard-Kyle – well-being

For more information on research in this area, see the staff pages linked above.

First published: 1 August 2021