Yvonne surveying with RCAHMS at Jackschairs 2014

Joss and Patrick contemplate the trench at Kincladie Wood 2014

Ali finds a fragment from a RAF Hawker Hurricane at Castle Law 2014

Jamie helps Cathy cool down in the heat at Wellhill 2014

Hunter in his pit at Wellhill 2014

Walkover survey team at Little Law 2014

Wellhill team 2014

Dr Campbell and Prof Driscoll at Kincladie Wood

2014 Castle Law shuffle

SERF at the Forteviot Fete in 2014

The 'Dream Team' of Gert and Lorraine at work at Castle Law 2014

Ross holding a whetstone from Castle Law 2014

Walkover 2014 at Coulshill

Rory digging a pit at Wellhill 2014

Deturfing team at Castle Law 2014

Pottery from Wellhill 2014

Nether Beldhill, walkover survey in spring 2014

Neil enjoying surveying at Castle Law 2014

Kincladie Wood 2014 team

Millhaugh team 2014

Kenny gives Katie a tour of Millhaugh 2014

Johnny and Ilia proudly show the wall they have exposed at Castle Law 2014

Jo and Joss excavating at Kincladie Wood 2014

Jamie recording a test pit at Wellhill 2014

Dr Adrian Maldonado helps with the identification of vitrified stone at Castle Law 2014

Fieldwalking at Millhaugh in Spring 2014

Digging the Roman Temporary Camp in Kincladie Wood 2014

Dene with his eager audience at Wellhill 2014

Dene and Steve overlook Wellhill 2014

Brenda and Feliksas recording at Millhaugh

Alistair's view from Castle Law, Forgandenny 2014

Ali planning in high winds at Castle Law 2014

Circular Pictish Barrow in the field near Forteviot

Conservator Pieta from AOC Archaeology at work on the cist

Forteviot Henge Excavation

Excavation at Jackschairs Iron Age Hillfort

Standing Building survey at Muckersie Chapel

Planning the henge at Forteviot

St Serfs carved stone

Topographic Survey at Jackschairs Iron Age Hillfort

Walkover survey in Strathearn