Guidelines and policies

Booking and using rooms in Clarice Pears: info for SHW staff

To ensure that all goes smoothly with the practicalities of your meeting or event, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with the following information.

Who can book rooms in the Clarice Pears building?

  • All SHW staff can book rooms.
  • It is expected that staff book rooms for themselves. This is not exclusively an admin job.
  • If students wish to book rooms, this must be done via their supervisor. 

How do I book rooms? 

How do I make sure I have time to set up my room before a meeting starts, and to clear up afterwards?

  • Please include at least 15 minutes set up time.
  • Please also ensure that you allow time to clear up afterwards and return furniture to its usual setup. 

What if I need a specific room set up? e.g. theatre, cabaret, boardroom etc

If a specific room setup is required, the procedure is to email facilities team at giving at least a week's notice. We do not have a dedicated facilities assistant to carry out last minute room setups.

Can I use CP rooms without booking?

Meeting rooms cannot be used unless they are booked in advance.

How far in advance do I need to book a room?

  • Meeting rooms can be booked at the last minute, right up until the start of your meeting. So gaining early access to a room is not guaranteed, and the user has the right to utilise the room until the end of their booking time.
  • If you wish to use a room at the last minute, you are expected to request it via the room booking system. If you do not do this other staff will be able to book the room and they will have priority to use.

What if I need audio visual or IT support?

If you think you will need AVIT support, this should be organised in advance by emailing It is not guaranteed that a member of AVIT will be onsite for emergency calls without booking beforehand. 

What about catering?

  • If catering is required please book via the UofG catering website (minimum order 20 people, minimum order value £50). For smaller orders, please email to see if your group can be accommodated, or speak to your unit administrator. 
  • It is the responsibility of the person who made the booking to make sure that NO food and drink are taken into teaching rooms. (Food and drink IS allowed in meeting rooms.) It is also their responsibility to clear up at the end of the event. Equipment will be collected either the same day or the next morning.
  • Catering MUST be told the room number to which to deliver. Please don't ask for food to be delivered to reception. 

Where can I find out more?

If in doubt or if you require guidance or assistance, please speak to your unit admin.

More information about booking rooms is available in our Clarice Pears building user guide (BUG)