"A relationship that supports personal and professional development" Mentorship in SHW

Published: 13 June 2023

Ask for a mentor, become a mentor, or join our active and engaged SHW mentorship working group...

Mentoring can be defined as a relationship that supports personal and professional development.

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The SHW Athena Swan mentoring group facilitates matching of mentees and mentors, so that we can support each other during our career progression.

Mentorship opportunities are available to all within SHW i.e. 

  • research and teaching staff
  • professional services staff
  • PhD students

It is great to see people joining the mentoring scheme as mentors or mentees through the PDR process which will soon be commencing, but you can also join by contacting us at any point.

In addition, if you have identified a mentoring partnership already and would like it registered with the scheme, feel free to get in touch (so that we don’t unknowingly overload mentors with additional mentees).

We are always happy to welcome new members to our working group. If you are interested, again, please get in touch.

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Group chairs

Rona Strawbridge
Lecturer (Mental Health and Wellbeing)

Linsey Ip
Administrative Assistant (Public Health)

First published: 13 June 2023