Dr Manoj Kumar

  • Research Associate in Body-Centric RF Systems (Autonomous Systems & Connectivity)


Dr. Manoj is a leading researcher in Electrical and Communication Engineering (ECE), specializing in Antenna Design. He graduated with First Class Honours in ECE from Punjab Technical University in July 2016 and later earned his Master's degree from Kurukshetra University in July 2018, focusing on RFID and Metamaterials Design.

Following this, Dr. Manoj worked as a Senior R&D Engineer at PerfectRFID Pvt Ltd and served as an Antenna advisor for Wvelinks Pvt Ltd. He completed his PhD in just 38 months at the Indian Institute of Technology, submitting his thesis in November 2022.

In May 2023, he joined Agmatel India Pvt Ltd, contributing significantly to 5G Solutions design. Driven by his expertise, he later became a Lecturer and Researcher at SLIET and secured a prestigious Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the University of Glasgow in March 2024.

Currently, at the University of Glasgow, Dr. Manoj focuses on pioneering research in wearable RF sensors, aiming to revolutionize industries like healthcare and communication. With over 25 published papers, he is a sought-after speaker at workshops, conferences, and industry events.

Research interests

My interests are in "Green" RF-enabled electronics broadly covering:

  • RF Energy Harvesting and wireless power transfer (WPT), including higher TRL activities:
    • Rectenna development from sub-1 GHz to mmWave bands for low-power, long-range applications.
    • Experimental Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer (SWIPT) and practical signal design for WPT.
  • Body-centric antennas and propagation.
  • Energy Harvesting Systems: 
    • Circuits & systems to interface with and extract uW-level power for sustainable IoT devices.
    • Low-power communication, e.g. passive backscattering.
  • Additively manufactured electronics: interested in the co-design of electronic circuits and their packaging and manufacturing methods to realize high-performance devices while minimizing the overheads of the electronics manufacturing industry.
More information on our homepage: www.greenelectronicslab.org


  • Received MHRD Grant for PhD Studies (2019-2024)

  • Secured C2S Grant for Onboard Chip Research (2023-2024)

  • Awarded Postdoctoral Grant for Body-Centric Device Research (2024-2025)



Previous teaching in India:

1. Digital System Design

2. Advanced Antenna

3. Advanced Microwave Engineering

4. Basic Electronics