Green electronic technologies, power delivery, RF sensing, Communication, and Materials: photographs showing antennas, sensors, and microscropic images of new electronic materials
Part of the Centre for Advanced Electronics (CAE) and the CSI Hub, our research broadly covers "Green" Radio frEquency-ENabled Electronics, including:
  • Energy harvesting and energy-efficient solutions.
  • Next-generation imperceptible RF sensing devices.
  • The integration of emerging smart materials in RF to mmWave applications.
  • Human-centric applications wearable and implantable applications. 

"Green" covers aspects from low-waste and sustainable manufacturing, to electronics co-designed with sustainability and manufacturing considerations. 

Our research is supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering and Chief Scientific Advisor for National Security, Royal Society, EPSRC, DSTL, EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA), and several UofG JWSE and CoSE funds.

Our research:

If you are keen on working towards a PhD degree in Green RF-Enabled Electronics, please get in touch directly. The School of Engineering Scholarships are available to both UK and Overseas students.

Our undergraduate projects (MEng and BEng) also align with research and can lead to PhD opportunities. We also regularly look for motivated and capable undergraduate/MSc/PhD students for paid short-term (e.g. summer) projects and/or internships, so please get in touch if you want to learn more about these opportunities. 

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