John Stoer delivers a stimulating seminar

John Stoer delivers a stimulating seminar

Issued: Wed, 24 Jan 2018 13:15:00 GMT

John Stoer, former head teacher of St Aloysius College, Glasgow and current doctoral student at the University of Glasgow, gave a stimulating seminar on the 12th of December entitled, ‘Using inter-religious dialogue as a way of approaching disagreement with Church teaching in Roman Catholic religious education’.

This much-anticipated research paper was very well attended and the audience included primary and secondary school head teachers, specialist and generalist secondary school RE teachers, primary school teachers, academics, Education Scotland attainment advisors and members and associate members of the St Andrew’s foundation.

John’s paper concluded thatan approach based on inter-religious dialogue is not about reaching agreement, or persuading the other person, or teaching a “pedagogy of dissent” or “translating” Church teaching to make it more acceptable to young people. It upholds Church teaching but accepts difference and disagreement. It models an approach that seeks to challenge young people and the teacher through listening, understanding and learning from the other’.

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