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Setting Out on the Road

This is a course which leads to the award of the Catholic Teacher's Certificate (CTC) enabling the recipient to teach Religious Education in the Catholic school, if eligible to do so (see the Bishops' requirements for teachers of RE in Catholic Schools in Scotland).

It is taught by the St Andrew's Foundation for Catholic Teacher Education, University of Glasgow.

Setting Out on the Road is for qualified teachers who have not yet obtained their CTC.

Applicants can choose from two locations in which to study: Glasgow (University of Glasgow) or Perth (St Mary's Monastery, Kinnoull)

How to apply

To apply for the Setting Out On The Road (Catholic Teacher's Certificate):

Before you can apply for this course, you must currently be qualified to teach in a primary or secondary school and have a GTCS registration number.

To undertake the course you will become a student of the University of Glasgow.

Please download the Applicant statement form and upload with your online application.

Priest's reference

Please ask your parish priest (or another priest who knows you) to complete the Priest’s Reference form. It is important to note that there is a section to be completed by the applicant. 

The applicant statement (Part A) must be uploaded with your application.

The Priest’s Reference (Part B) can be uploaded with the application or follow at a later date via email or post:


The course will cost £310.00, payable on registration. 

In addition, you will also be asked to purchase two books at a cost of £12 and £15. 

Information on registration will be sent via email early August. Support may be available from schools or Councils - please contact them directly.

Provisional dates

Glasgow (University of Glasgow Campus)

  • Thursday 29 August, Friday 30 August and Friday 4 October 2024 (all full-day sessions)

Edinburgh (Gillis Centre)

  •  Tuesday 10 September,  Wednesday 11 September and Monday 28 October 2024 (all full-day sessions)

Comments from previous students

Setting Out on the Road allowed me to gain new skills & knowledge and become more in tune with my own faith. I feel more confident teaching religious education and sharing my knowledge with my pupils.

The number and variety of tasks spread across the year and with two months between each submission meant that the course was challenging but still manageable for someone in full time employment.

This course allowed for a renewing of my Faith. I honestly felt uplifted when completing my task responses and these allowed me to grow again spiritually. I wish I had completed this course earlier. I have really loved it. Thank you to everyone involved in the delivery. The feedback to each task by my tutor was really helpful and motivated me for my next submission!

I enjoyed the face to face teaching of the course. I found the tutors knowledgeable, interesting and kind. The course has set me off on a fantastic journey for teaching the Catholic faith in my school.