ACISE 2018

ACISE 2018

Issued: Wed, 08 Nov 2017 10:34:00 GMT

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The relationship between religion and education is an area of great scholarly interest. In the contemporary contexts of globalisation and significant pedagogical advances, universities should be in the forefront of creative discussions on how to ensure that education is of benefit to all.

Catholic educational institutions have a significant international footprint. From schools to universities, teacher colleges to technical institutes, the world of Catholic education offers multi-layered cultural perspectives with significant impact beyond the life of the institution. Given this heritage, it is essential to make a critical study of how these educational bodies operate and what contribution they continue to make to cultural enrichment.

This international conference takes places during the centenary year of a major event in Scottish educational history. The Education (Scotland) Act of 1918 brought Catholic (and other denominational) schools in Scotland into the state system of education and thus pioneered a model of schooling which remains significant for its bringing together of Church and state in the common endeavour of universal education. With this important historical event as a backdrop, the conference will draw together experts from a wide range of disciplines united in their commitment to explore issues relating to Catholicism’s contribution to contemporary culture and education.


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