Ethics Application Process

Ethics Application Process

Any PGT or UG students in the School of Education undertaking a research study that includes collecting data from individuals will need to apply for ethics approval. The School of Education has a new online ethics system for submitting your ethics applications. This goes into effect from 15th January 2019. This system helps to ensure that we keep more organised and accurate records of applications and ethical reviews. It is the same system that PhD students and academic staff use in the University, and now PGT and UG students in the School of Education get to use it too.



Submission Instructions for the New Online System

  • Log in to the system: and select 'Research Ethics System'. 
  • The correct application form and PLS and consent templates are available within the ethics system. Click on 'Download Templates' and select 'School of Education'. We will continue to keep guidance documents on our School of Education ethics Moodle page.
  • Carefully plan your study in discussion with your supervisor, and fill out the ethics application form and supporting documents (plain language statement, consent forms, research materials).
  • When you and your supervisor are ready to submit the application, the student should log in to the ethics system, click on 'Create Draft Application', then choose 'School of Education' for Ethics Committee.
  • The student creates what is called a 'draft' application and when complete you select 'submit to supervisor' which will send an email to the supervisor. The supervisor then needs to log in to submit the application, at which point it will be officially submitted to the Ethics Committee.
  • Applications are reviewed by 2 members of the ethics reviewing committee and you should hear back within 4 weeks, except during holiday periods such as Easter when reviews may take longer.
  • You can track the status of the application online. If changes are requested, you can download the reviewer comments from the system. To submit a revised application, log in to the original application to upload revised documents and the response to the reviewer recommendations.

Need help? System support for 2019

  • When you log in to the research ethics system, on the left column there is an option that says 'System Support' with detailed instructions and screenshots to help both students and supervisors through every step of the process, including submitting a new application as well as a resubmitted application. 
  • Some of these helpful PDFs for using the online system are on our ethics Moodle page as well.
  • We will be offering two drop-in support sessions where both the IT experts who created this system and I will be on hand to help answer any system questions you may have. These sessions are 23rd January 10-12 and 19th February 3-5 pm. We'll send a reminder email and locations for these drop-in sessions closer to the dates.
  • Remember to select 'School of Education' ethics committee for PGT/UG applications.