Addressing Inequalities month

Staff from Education Leadership and Policy provided three presentations this morning to the seminar “Addressing Poverty, Stigma and Aspirations”, which was organised by the College of Social Sciences Addressing Inequalities research theme, as part of addressing inequalities month. The event, chaired by Dr Srabani Maitra from the School of Education, featured ongoing research from the College of social sciences and beyond.

ELP was represented through three distinct presentations. Alice Aldinucci presented findings from research on aspirations of TEVET students in Chile, which is joint work with Oscar Valiente and Adrián Zancajo, as well as Scott Hurrel from the Adam Smith Business School. Kristinn Hermannsson presented joint work with Fernanda Almeida from the University of Vicosa in Brasil, on the impacts of affirmative action reforms in Brazilian higher education on students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Oscar Odena presented his research on the use of arts programmes, particularly music, for community development in post-conflict settings in Northern Ireland and Columbia.

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First published: 26 March 2021

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