Childhood Practice Book Proposal Accepted

This book introduces readers to a wide range of contemporary issues relevant to Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) practitioners. Each chapter has been skilfully constructed with the ELC practitioner in mind. The ELC text seeks to support high-quality provision in order to improve developmental outcomes for children as evidence suggest that high quality ELC interventions provide lasting and significant long-term effects on young children’s development. The overall aim of the Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) text is to encourage ELC practitioners to develop the skills and knowledge to become reflective, evidence-based practitioners who can adopt a flexible approach to their professional learning in order to meet the needs of children and their colleagues.

Staff involved in the book


Editors: Dr Mary Wingrave and Dr Mike Carroll


Contributing authors:

Craig Orr

Ruth Myles

Jana Chandler

Dr Margaret McCulloch

Tracey Stewart

Jillian Barker

Marie McQuade

Dr Irene Pollock

Mark Breslin

Dr Christine Hadfield

Elizabeth Black

Dr Jacqui Horsburgh

Dr Jennifer Farrar

Dr Kelly Stone

Susie Marshall

Julie Robinson

Martin Winters

Joe Houghton

Kristina Robb

Cynthia Abel

First published: 26 March 2021

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