Group Leads

Gordon Ramage   Microbial biofilms; Oral and systemic candidiasis; Antifungals; Antimicrobial resistance

Shauna Culshaw  Periodontics; Caries; Periodontal infection and autoimmunity; Oral immune response

Jeremy Bagg   Oral microorganisms in systemic disease; Oral infections in the medically compromised; Infection control in dental surgery; Public health microbiology

Andrew Smith  Infection prevention sciences

Marcello Riggio  Oral diseases of animals; Link between oral and systemic disease; Oral microbiome in health and disease; Host-pathogen interactions 

Christopher Nile  Inflammation; Mucosal innate immunity; Acetylcholine; Interleukin-17 family; Biofilms; Candidiasis

Douglas Robertson  Relationship between oral and systemic disease; Treatment and resistance of microbial biofilms in prosthodontics

Victoria Hannah  Relationship between oral and systemic disease

Marta Czesnikiewicz-Guzik  Oral inflammation; Periodontal disease; Endothelial dysfunction; Hypertension

Oral Sciences Research Students and Staff

Research students

photo of Hassanain

Mr Hasanain Kahtan Abdulkhalik Alalwan
PhD student
Nanofabrication of denture materials

Mrs Sheeba Thomas
PhD student
Feline tooth resorption

Chris Delaney

Mr Christopher Delaney
PhD student
OMICS approaches to oral healthcare

 Tracy Shaw

Mrs Tracy Shaw
PhD student
Commercialising complex biofilms of medical, industrial and environmental importance

Abeer - photo
Mrs Abeer Alghamdi
PhD student
Cholinergic regulation of Candida albicans infections


Photo of Maria Tumelty

Dr Maria Tumelty
PhD student
Granulomatous diseases of the oral cavity

Mr Bryn Short
MSc student
Polymicrobial community survival mechanisms

 Laura Cameron - photo
Laura Cameron
PhD student
Periodontal disease and systemic inflammation


Photo of Jason Brown

Jason Brown
PhD student
Studying the immune response in periodontal disease

Research staff

photo of ranjith

Dr Ranjith Rajendran
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Clinical outcomes of Candida albicans biofilm formation


 photo of Emma

Miss Emma Millhouse
Research Associate 
Evaluating the immune responses to periodontal biofilms

Ryan Kean

Mr Ryan Kean
Research Technician
Understanding Candida biofilm heterogeneity