The Oral Sciences Research Group study microbial pathogens associated with oral health and disease and investigate how they interact with the host. Fundamentally we are interested in how oral host-pathogen biofilm interactions influences systemic health.


Our group of scientists and clinicians has extensive experience in oral microbiology and immunology. Over the past 5 years we have developed a key interest in host-pathogen interactions associated with caries, periodontitis and candidiasis. For further information please refer to individual researchers.


Funding from research councils, local government and industry have allowed us to investigate mechanisms of microbial control via host and chemotherapeutic intervention using the latest technological advances in the field.

Translational & Impact

Both the Oral Sciences and Community Oral Health research groups have strong links with the Scottish Government Health Department. Many of our research activities relate to political priorities such as patient safety and reduction of oral health inequalities. For example, research into infection control and instrument decontamination procedures have had significant impact on clinical dental practice. Currently, in collaboration with the Community Oral Health Group, our team is actively engaged in clinical studies involving priority groups, including young children through to the elderly. This combination of microbiological, immunological, public health and epidemiological expertise to study oral infectious diseases in these populations, with scope for enhancing prevention, permits powerful translation into practice and significant impact.


cartoon oral bacteria and immune cells