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The goal of a degree is to get a job at the end of the course, but with a Graduate Apprenticeship you get a job at the start" Connor, Year Two GA

Graduate Apprentices in the classroom

Advance your career and achieve your BSc (Hons) Software Engineering degree at the University of Glasgow at the same time with the 4-year Graduate Apprenticeship (GA). Key features:

• Make a difference from the start, with hands on work experience on live projects

• Earn a good salary (at least living wage) and fees are still covered by SAAS

• Apply directly to Partner Employers, so UCAS applications are not affected

• Diverse Partner Employers from start-ups to household names like Barclays and the BBC

• Best of both worlds as a team member at work and student at university

• Learn from an award-winning teaching and support team • Potential and not background defi nes access to this opportunity

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Two years into her Graduate Apprenticeship, Megan shares what it is like to work for a global tech company in the heart of the city, and study with UofG.