Graduate Apprenticeships

BSc (Hons) Software Engineering (Graduate Apprenticeship)

The Graduate Apprenticeship (GA) programme is an alternative route to students attaining a degree and employers gaining new, valuable, tailored talent for their workforce. Our Software Engineering degree programme has been designed in partnership with industry and draws on global research on work-based learning best practice.

  • Graduate Apprentices benefit from a job, a salary and a degree at the same time
  • Applicants apply directly to the employers therefore not impacting UCAS submissions.
  • The degree course is funded by Skills Development Scotland
  • The GA is 4 years with the time split between the employer and the university
  • Our apprentices graduate with a BSc in Software Engineering

The valuable work-based learning is combined with an intensive foundational course taught in blocks at the university over the first 18 months, ensuring:

  • the apprentices have a strong on campus university experience
  • fast tracking of the apprentices’ skills and learning, creating work-ready apprentices from an early stage in the programme

In years 3 and 4 of the programme apprentices can opt to specialise in Data Science, Cyber Security, or Systems Engineering which is delivered through a day release programme.

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How do I get involved?

Prospective Students

To be kept informed of Graduate Apprenticeship opportunities for prospective students, please register your interest. You might also wish to read more about the programme.

If you would like to speak to someone about applying for a GA in Software Engineering, or want to find out more about the content of the courses, please contact the Graduate Apprenticeship team:




To be kept informed of opportunities for employers around Graduate Apprenticeships at the University of Glasgow, please register your interest.

If you would like to speak with someone regarding GAs in Software Engineering for your business, please contact:

Claire Johnston, Employer Liaison Officer for Graduate Apprenticeships


What are the benefits for employers?

Partnering with the University of Glasgow offers a range of benefits:

  • Access and shape new and existing talent
  • A strong working relationship with the University
  • Access the expertise of a world-leading research-intensive institution
  • Apprentices that can specialise in their final years
  • Front-loaded teaching makes apprentices productive sooner
  • The University has an active widening participation scheme
  • A dedicated team ensures excellent communication with partners
  • Candidate shortlisting service available to support recruitment
  • The fees associated with the degree programme are paid by Skills Development Scotland and the European Social Fund

What are the benefits for students?

As a Graduate Apprentice you are both a student with us and a paid employee with a partner company. Advantages of our degree programme include:

  • Salary – The company pays you a living wage salary and there are no tuition fees
  • Work Experience – Graduates have 4 years work experience, in addition to a University of Glasgow degree
  • Student Experience – Campus based teaching blocks enable a more traditional student experience
  • Specialise – Core material is covered in the first two years, enabling specialisation in Honours years
  • Student Status – Full access to student services, accommodation, council tax exemption, etc.
  • Application Process – Apply directly to companies, keeping your UCAS options open
  • Separate Funding – Funded by Skills Development Scotland, leaving your SAAS funding intact