Postgraduate research students

  • Al Malwi Wajdan Abdullah A
    Testing Privacy Paradox Across Cultures: Investigating the Privacy Attitude and Behavior of SNS's Users
  • Al-anqoudi Maha Said Khalfan
    A large-scale intelligent system for e-learning environments
  • Aladwani Tahani
    Diagnosis of Diseases as Cloud Computing Service (DoDaaS)
  • Alahmari Saad Abdullah S
    Moderating Human Security Habits
  • Alasmari Ohud Abdullah F
    Evaluating Usability of Online Coding Tutorials Systems
  • Albakri Sultanah Abdullah A
    Using Data Analytics to Model the Development of Program Comprehension Skills across a National School Education System
  • Alghamdi Ibrahim Ahmed I
    Computation Offloading Decision Algorithm in Mobile-Edge Cloud Computing: An Optimal Stopping Theory Approach
  • Alharbi Noha Abdulkhalig M
    Assessing the feasibility and impact of introducing the Scottish Computer Science Curriculum in primary schools at Saudi Arabia with reference to its adoption in Scottish primary schools
  • AlHarbi Nouf Helal H
    The proposed title is: Optimising routing in DWSNs for latency and power-consumption.
  • Alkharashi Abdulwhab
    Exploring the Characteristics of Abusive Behaviour in Online Social Media Settings
  • Almazarqi Hatem Aied S
    Profiling IoT-based Botnets
  • AlQallaf Ali
    Robot self-adaptation
  • Aversa Marco
  • Bosman Isak
    Optimizing Natural Language Processing on Edge Devices
  • Buker Abeer Abdullah N
    Automatic analysis of conversational patterns in online chats.
  • Buker Areej
    Automatic analysis of attachment in school-age children
  • Bumpus Benjamin
    Beyond graphs: generalising tree-widths
  • Charvet Valentin
    Reinforcement Learning in Closed-loop data science
  • Cole Elizabeth
    Identifying and validating a framework for understanding computational thinking
  • Cook Marco
    SCADA Cybersecurity in Factories of the Future
    Continuous and Interactive Visual Perception for Robotic Grasping and Manipulation
  • Evangelopoulou Maria
  • Farzand Habiba
    Understanding & Mitigating Shoulder Surfing
  • Fraser Douglas
    Assurance and Resilience of Digital Twins in Critical Systems
  • Ghanduri Fatima H M
    Deep Learning and Genetic Computing-driven Nowcasting of Credit Risk Management.
  • Gibson Perry
    Modular development of across-stack deep learning inference accelerators on heterogeneous devices
  • Hand Samuel
    Firefighting Problems on Temporal Graphs
  • Haris Jude
    Designing and Generating Efficient FPGA-Based Accelerators for Deep Neural Networks
  • Harth Natascha
    Quality-Efficient Local Learning of Predictive Analytics at the Network edge
  • Jakobsen Mathias Steen
    Aliasing Control in an Object-Oriented Programming Language with Typestate Annotations
  • Jänich Thomas
    Fair Machine Learning for Search and Recommendation Systems
  • Kavanagh William
    Investigation into the viability of model checking to aid video game development
  • Kelly Ethan
    Game-theoretic and probabilistic methods applied to spatial network models of contagion
  • KOEHLER Thomas
    Lift: A Performance Portable Programming Language for the Applications and Hardware of the Future
  • Kongyoung Sarawoot
    Deep Reinforcement Learning for Effective Goal-oriented Chatbot Dialogue
  • Kourtelos Praxitelis
    Levitating Displays for Multimodal Interaction
  • Liu Siwei
    Deep learning recommendations
  • Long Qianyu
    Distributed Statistical Learning over Data Streams at the Network Edge
  • Long Zijun
    Real time Knowledge Extraction from Multi-modal Data Streams via Deep Neural Network Ensembles
  • Looker Nicola
    Exploring cognitive load theory and program comprehension in secondary school computer science lessons: a design-based research study
  • Ma Wei
    Scalable Efficient Multi-System Complex-Query Data Analytics
  • Macdonald Shaun
  • Mackie Iain
  • Mathis Florian
  • McKay Michael
    Algorithms for matching problems involving preferences
  • Mitton Joshua
  • Narvala Hitarth
    Learning from User Actions through the Identification of Latent Relationships in Sensitive Documents
  • Owoicho Paul Ogbonoko
    Mixed initiative and feedback for Conversational Information Seeking
  • Ozimek Piotr
    Applying a Biologically Inspired Software Retina to Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Parkinson Jack
  • Perrone Francesco
    Experimental Methods for Moral Behaviour Analysis in Human-Robot Interaction
  • Pitsillos Nikos
  • Ramsingh Adrian Ravi Kishore
    Seamless Composition of Programming Frameworks
  • Raue Stefan
    Automated annotation of in-match sports events: A sensor-based model for group activity recognition
  • Ravindran Anith
    Modelling Dynamic Real-world Systems as Tactile Representations with Dexmo Haptic Force-feedback Gloves
  • Rutherford Charles
    Cyber security of SCADA networks and devices
  • Ryan Jessica
    Graph Modification Problems in Edge-Coloured Graphs
  • Sablotny Martin
    The Application of Machine Learning to Cyber Defence In Critical Applications
  • Sagkriotis Stefanos
    Containerised NFV orchestration and management
  • Shivani *
    GDPR Privacy Compliance verification in Software Systems
  • Simpson Kyle
    Securing Future Networked Infrastructures through Dynamic Normal Behaviour Profiling
  • Su Ting
    Fake News and Misinformation over Social Media
  • Sundin Lovisa
    Improving Cognitive Scaffolding in Computer Science Education
  • Taka Evdoxia
    Interactive, animated representations of probabilistic models
  • Tonolini Francesco
    Variational Learning for Inverse Problems
  • Trimble James
    Hard Graph Problems - Theory and in Practice
  • Tshukudu Ethel
    Adopting a comprehension-first pedagogy for programming in a national school system
  • Uhrenholt Anders
    Efficient target vector identification and Bayesian complexity reduction in Gaussian processes (tentative)
  • Wallis William
    Investigating Modelling and Simulation Techniques for Socio-Technical Systems at Scale
  • Wang Xi
    Using Deep Learning Approaches in Venue Recommendation
  • Wang Xiao
    Effective yet Efficient Information Retrieval based on Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Xin Xin
    Formal Verification of Safety Critical Systems with Uncertainty
  • Yadav Sarthak
    Towards aural explanations for interpretable CNNs for spoken language understanding
  • Yanev Mihail
    Optimizing general-purpose operating systems for high performance networking
  • Zalakain Uma
    Machine verification of typed process calculi

Supervised elsewhere in the University