Postgraduate research students

  • Aleisa Noura Mohammad R
    The Impact of the Adoption of the Internet of Things Privacy-Awareness Model in Saudi Arabia: An Experimental Study
  • Alghamdi Ibrahim Ahmed I
    Adaptive-Collaborative Cloud Computing Resource Allocation System
  • Alkharashi Abdulwhab
    Privacy in Crowd Sourcing
  • AlQallaf Ali
    Robot self-adaptation
  • Buker Abeer Abdullah N
    Automatic analysis of conversational patterns in online chats.
  • Bumpus Benjamin
    Topological Parameter Choice for FPT Graph Algorithms
  • Cahsai Atoshum
    I260 - Employing Machine Learning Techniques to Expedite Complex Query Processing
  • Cook Marco
    SCADA Cybersecurity in Factories of the Future
  • Cooper Frances
    Efficient Algorithms for Matching Under Preferences
  • Di Campli San Vito Patrizia
    In-car haptics
    Continuous and Interactive Visual Perception for Robotic Grasping and Manipulation
  • Evangelopoulou Maria
  • Harth Natascha
    Analytics Learning and Knowledge Mining for Big Data Exploration in IoT Environments
  • Hjorleifsson Eldjarn Grimur
    Advanced text mining approaches for metabolomics
  • Iordache Șică Mircea- Mihai
    Resilience as a Service: Optimisation of Middlebox placement
  • Jacob Dejice
    Dynamic Compute-Resource Topology Mapping and Management
  • Kavanagh William
    Investigation into the viability of model checking to aid video game development
  • KOEHLER Thomas
    Lift: A Performance Portable Programming Language for the Applications and Hardware of the Future
  • Kourtelos Praxitelis
    Levitating Displays for Multimodal Interaction
  • Ma Wei
    Scalable Efficient Multi-System Complex-Query Data Analytics
  • Macdonald Shaun
    Supporting and Rehabilitating Anxiety Disorders using Interactive Systems
  • Olaosebikan Sofiat Olamiji
    Efficient Algorithms for the Student-Project Allocation problem
  • Ozimek Piotr
    Applying a Biologically Inspired Software Retina to Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Perrone Francesco
    Experimental Methods for Moral Behaviour Analysis in Human-Robot Interaction
  • Ramsingh Adrian Ravi Kishore
    Seamless Composition of Programming Frameworks
  • Raue Stefan
    Automated annotation of in-match sports events: A sensor-based model for group activity recognition
  • Rutherford Charles
    Cyber security of SCADA networks and devices
  • Ryan Jessica
    Graph Modification Problems in Edge-Coloured Graphs
  • Sablotny Martin
    The Application of Machine Learning to Cyber Defence In Critical Applications
  • Savva Fotis
    Big Data Complex Query Analytics and Query Processing
  • Shakeri Gözel
    Haptic Printed and Patterned Interfaces for Sensitive Surfaces
  • Simpson Kyle
    Securing Future Networked Infrastructures through Dynamic Normal Behaviour Profiling
  • Urlea Cristian
    Exploiting run-time information to optimise Type Transformations for Hybrid Many-core Systems
  • Voinea Laura
    Programming Languages and Environments with Session Types
  • Wallis William
    Investigating Modelling and Simulation Techniques for Socio-Technical Systems at Scale
  • Wang Xi
    Using Deep Learning Approaches in Venue Recommendation
  • Xin Xin
    Heterogeneous Implicit Feedback in Recommender Systems
  • Yanev Mihail
    Optimizing general-purpose operating systems for high performance networking

Supervised elsewhere in the University