Computing Science academics support Covid-19 research

Dr Ke Yuan, Lecturer in Machine Learning and Computational Biology in our Information, Data & Analysis Section, is involved in a Wellcome Trust Covid grant to support some African countries fight with COVID-19: 

Within our Formal Analysis, Theory and Algorithms Section, Drs Jess Enright, William Petterson, Kitty Meeks, and Blair Archibald are assisting with model development within the Scottish COVID Response Consortium (SCRC), endorsed by the RAMP (Rapid Assistance in Modelling the Pandemic).  Enright is currently the modelling lead on one of the six COVID-19 models currently under development, and Petterson, Meeks, and Archibald will be assisting in development of these models as volunteer programmers and data managers.  Each modelling team consists of a modelling lead, a consulting epidemiologist, a research software engineer, and a number of volunteer developers sourced from organisations that have agreed to release their employees to assist with RAMP.   Enright is also an expert reviewer for the RAMP’s rapid review team providing 24 to 48-hour turnaround review of modelling outputs to support SPI-M.

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