Closed-Loop Data Science

Progress in sensing, computational power, storage and analytic tools has given us access to enormous amounts of complex data, which can inform us of better ways to manage our cities, run our companies or develop new medicines. However, the 'elephant in the room' is that when we act on that data we change the world, potentially invalidating the older data. Similarly, when monitoring living cities or companies, we are not able to run clean experiments on them - we get data which is affected by the way they are run today, which limits our ability to model these complex systems. We need ways to run ongoing experiments on such complex systems. We also need to support human interactions with large and complex data sets. In this project we will look at the overlap between the challenge someone faces when coping with all the choices associated with booking a flight for a weekend away, and an expert running complex experiments in a laboratory.
The project will test the core ideas in a number of areas, including personalisation of hearing aids, support for travel planning, analysis of cancer data, and media recommendation systems.


This project involves collaborative research with academic partners:  Glasgow Polyomics, the Urban Big Data Centre,  the University of Warwick, and industrial partners: Moodagent,   Widex A/S, Aegean Airlines and is further supported by DataLab Scotland.


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Funded Projects

EPSRC funded project: £3M, 2018-2022:  Closed-Loop Data Science for Complex, Computationally- and Data-Intensive Analytics
EPSRC funded project: £113k, July-Nov 2020: Fast multi-shot epidemic interventions for post lockdown Covid-19 mitigation: Open-loop mitigation strategies, EP/V018450/1


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