Postgraduate research opportunities

The School of Chemistry at the University of Glasgow is part of the WestCHEM Research School. The WestCHEM Graduate School has over 200 chemistry research students. Around half of these are based at the University of Glasgow, engaged in a wide range of chemistry research. 

The Chemistry Graduate School at the University of Glasgow offers enrolment in two types of research degree: a PhD or an MSc by Research. 

The entry requirement for the PhD degree is a 2.1 Honours degree or equivalent in a relevant subject. A range of PhD studentships are available for projects beginning in October of each year.

The entry requirement for a one-year MSc by Research is normally a 2.1 Honours degree or equivalent in a relevant subject. Candidates with a 2.2 Honours degree or equivalent can be considered for entry to the MSc by Research. However, they must demonstrate a sound understanding of the principles of Chemistry pertaining to the proposed area of research at the required level.

To apply for a PhD or an MSc by Research, go through the following steps:


Step 1 arrow

Consider the research themes

Look at the research being carried out in the School, which is grouped under six research themes:

  • Chemical Biology and Precision Synthesis
  • Complex Chemistry
  • Chemical Photonics
  • Energy Conversion and Storage
  • Heterogeneous Catalysis
  • Supramolecular, Electronic & Magnetic Systems

You may want to read more information on these research groupings.


Step 2 arrow

Select a research topic

Your application to the University of Glasgow requires a proposed research topic. If your interests are general, then select one of the research areas above. Alternatively, you may wish to choose a more specific research topic from the research interests of individual staff. You can name a potential supervisor or supervisors, but this is not compulsory. Potential PhD and MSc supervisors can be found by studying the research theme pages (links above) or by looking at the individual staff pages. Most if not all staff pages are linked from Academic Staff.


Step 3 arrow


The final step is to apply for admission to the University of Glasgow by completing the online application form. You must submit an online application form, even if you have communicated with an academic staff member. Note the School of Chemistry is part of the College of Science and Engineering.