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Waste disposal

Gas cylinders

A gas cylinder order form should be completed using details from the table below for all new and returned cylinders. Please note new prices as of 1st January 2023:

Catalogue CodeDescriptionUnit SizeUnit Price Ex VAT
GAS-CO2 Carbon Dioxide (VK size) cyl 63.76
GAS-AIR Air (W size) cyl 8.58
GAS-ARG Argon (E-50 size) cyl 25.61
GAS-HEL Helium grade A (XL size) cyl 292.29
GAS-HYD Hydrogen (K size) cyl 18.71
GAS-OFN Nitrogen (D-50 size) cyl 7.68
GAS-OXY Oxygen (E-50 size) cyl 8.26
GAS-RENTAL Cylinder rental charges monthly 8.50


Dry ice and liquid nitrogen

If you need dry ice or liquid nitrogen, a dry ice/liquid nitrogen form should be completed using details from the table below and submitted to Stores.

Please note that dry ice orders should be submitted at least 48 hours in advance.

Catalogue CodeDescriptionUnit sizeUnit Price (Ex VAT)
L/173/02 Dry ice pellet form 1 bag £4.63
LIQ.NIT Liquid nitrogen charges per litre £0.41

Assets and 'attractive' items

The University requires that items valued at £1000 or more, or 'attractive' items (computer components, video recorders, televisions and other items liable to be stolen), should be recorded in an Asset Register.

When you place an order you should automatically receive an Asset Registration Form (doc) and if you dispose of an item previously on the asset register you should complete an Equipment Transfer (doc) This form should also be completed if you intend to keep an item of equipment at home (such as a laptop). 

Please note that items taken outwith University of Glasgow premises will not be covered by University of Glasgow insurance and therefore you should ensure that you have adequate home insurance to cover these items.

Any questions please contact a member of the Accounts staff.