Chemistry Internal Email Lists

Note that sending to some of these lists is restricted

List NameMembershipList NameMembership all employees in the School of Chemistry

3rd, 4th year  undergrads and all postgrad students academic staff only postgraduate      students academic staff, post doctoral RA, admin, senior technicians 3rd, 4th year undergraduates post doctoral RAs 3rd year  undergraduates
org-staff, inorg-staff, phy-staff academic staff only, by teaching section 4th year  undergraduates technical staff, chembio/medchem /synth postdocs,  postgrads 2nd year quantitative lab staff 2nd year  synthesis lab   staff 2nd year interactive teaching unit staff


room booking requests Purchasing queries  teaching class heads and deputies Chemistry Graduate School admin


Building, fabric, Estates liason, repairs. ugrad and pgrad enquiries

chem teaching technicians 

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Chemistry Telephone Directory

Below is a selection of phone numbers for rooms or laboratories rather than individual staff members who are listed in the campus directory.

Room locations within Chemistry can be found here.

Room Room No Tel.
AFE Teaching Lab C5-09a 6581
Agricultural / Environ. Lab /Corr Group C5-12 6571
Biophysical Research Lab B4-20a 6582
Biophysical Research Lab C4-03 6560
Biophysical Research Office C4-03 6566
Catalysis Lab A4-24b 6576
Catalysis Synetix Lab A4-06 3112
Chemistry Branch Library B5-08 5502
Chemistry Stores C2-04 4388
Clark Group Research Office C4-06 6558
Computational Chemistry Office / Senn Group A5-24 8261
Cooke Research Lab C3-09 2037
Cruickshank Lab North A4-37 3767
Cruickshank Lab South A4-19 6556
Cullen Lab A3-25a 6570
David Sharp Room A5-30 4427
Fluorine Lab A4-05 6572
Glassblowing Workshop B2-03 5347
Gregory Research Lab C3-13 8233
Inorganic Research Office A4-32d 4412
IR / UV Spectroscopy B4-03 6566
IT Support A5-09a 2906
Joseph Black Janitor/Front desk foyer 4420
Jackson Group Research Office A4-11c 4941
Jackson-Hargreaves Research Office A4-07 6561
Kadodwala Group Office A5-22a 6579
Lennon Group Research Office B3-16 8127
Loudon Lab C4-15 6554
Loudon Synthetic Lab C4-18 3346
Magennis Clean Room B2-25 8221
Magennis Single Mol Lab B3-21b 7679
Mass Spectrometry Lab C3-10a 6585
Microanalysis C4-03b 6566
Murrie Group Research Lab C5-18a 5026
NMR Lab C3-04a 6551
Raman Laser Lab C2-15b 5135
Ramsay Inorganic Lab A4-32 6577
Raphael Lab / Prunet-France group C3-08 6893
Reprographics B4-22 3903
Soddy Supermolecular Lab A3-21a 6661
Solid State NMR Lab C3-03 8234
Speakman Lab A3-06 6563
Squid Magnetometer Lab A3-34 8261
Surface Chemistry Lab B3-14 3768
Surface Science Lab A3-05a 6567
Surface Spectroscopy Lab A3-05b 3709
Technician Tea Room A2-92 2605
TEM & SEM Lab A3-32 8621
XRD Lab A4-16a 8670