Fast Geology/Slow Architecture


June 16-17, 2023 | Cadogan House

An exhibition and discussion about stone and concrete, consolidation and drift, and humans’ interrelationships with the lithic materials that form and underpin the built environment, curated by Minty Donald and Nick Millar.

The exhibition hinges around an evolving collection of Fluxus-inspired performance scores: prompts to enact or imagine playful and 'pointless' actions with rocks, stones, concrete, silt, and other lithic materials. The actions are intended as an invitation to attend to the lithic-urban environment: intersections between architecture and geology, the timescales of cities, rocks, and people; and their movement, settlement, and transformation.

The discussion brings together architects, artists, geologists, and geographers to debate the urban lithic and its significance in the context of extractivism, climate emergency, and the Anthropocene. Contributors include: Adam Bobette, Deborah Dixon, John MacDonald, Neil McGuire, and Lizzie Smith.

Part of the Architecture Fringe 2023 programme. Supported by The Dear Green Bothy and Thinking Culture. 

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Organised by Professor of Contemporary Performance Practice, Minty Donald.

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