SCMH Athena Swan Action Plan - Jan 2023

Action point Action Rationale Key outputs Old timeframe at submission Updated timeframe Nov 2020 Subcommittee Success criteria Jan 2023 update
3.1 Ensure the SAT continues successful actions to date including NERD network, ensure gender-balanced selection committees, and all staff completes unconscious bias training. There have been improvements in the staff survey, particularly linked to perceptions of equality and satisfaction with training, promotion, and recruitment to SCMH. We need to build on progress. Ensure line managers are aware of the NERD. Encourage post-doctoral staff to attend. Promote through email and staff open forum.

Unconscious bias training 100%; gender-balanced selection committees
Sept 2019 (new academic year)

Yearly (P&DR)
NERD continues to be successful. Unconscious bias training is mandatory, and selection committees need to be balanced to be approved WD 100% of staff agree they have been treated fairly regardless of gender with respect to recruitment and selection.

>90% of staff agree that advice and support for promotion are appropriate.

At least 8 females (grade 9 or less) apply for promotion by the next Athena SWAN report in 2022.
NERD continues to be popular and well-attended. Information is disseminated through targeted emails and websites. Won the 2019 research culture award.
Unconscious Bias training is mandatory. JB ensures all selection committees are balanced and all staff has completed bias training. No women applied for promotion in the 2020 round
6 women have applied for promotion since 2019 (4 in 2019, 2 successful; none in 2020; 2 in 2021, 1 successful)
4.3 Clearly advertise part-time PGR study options, when available. Options for part-time study are heavily influenced by funder stipulations and project timelines. It is essential to ensure they are widely advertised, when available.

This action is an ongoing Bronze action. It is presented here to keep in on the Silver agenda.
“Part-time study options” are highly visible in SCMH advertising. Completed Sept 2015 (Bronze)

Info updated March 2019

Info update in March-May each year from 2020

Info updated
WD Maintaining broad gender balance on PGR courses (≥50% female) across academic years 2019/20-2021/22 (baseline average of 53%Female Part-Time PGR). "Rolling requirement. Options for PGR Clin pharm and SEM advertised
5.1 Maintain SCMH  website with up-to-date family-friendly policies and Athena SWAN initiatives; ensure visible diversity in role model imagery. Keeping staff informed on key policies and benefits.

Positioning SCMH as a family-friendly environment for prospective male and female job applicants. 
SCMH Athena SWAN website with links to policies. Include links to the University nursery, childcare vouchers scheme & childcare information. Initially undertaken in Sept 2015 (Bronze AP)

Info updated in May each year to continue from 2019 onwards
SCMH website is being updated, and AS website updated WD Female applicants for all non-clinical grades/posts to >40% by 08/2021.

≥90% of male and female colleagues across all role types aware of family-friendly policies in the next survey.
Tracy has updated the website to the new format. New case studies added, the silver application remains accessible and the action plan is updated annually.

The website now contains previous celebrations of female staff (all job families)
5.2 Create a new induction step-by-step guide for line managers and new staff to include job-specific and organisation-wide induction information.

Publicise new Guide on SCMH webpages.

Conduct a focus group with recently appointed staff to evaluate the new Induction Guide
2018 staff survey showed of those that appointed since 2017, 81% of men and 61% of women agreed the “School induction process met my needs”.

Updating Induction materials formed part of BAP but 2018 survey demonstrates a gendered difference in new staff experience.
New Guide was produced, circulated to all line managers, and available online.

Focus group with new starts conducted to assess the experience of new Guide and processes.
New Guide produced by the start of the next academic session – Sept 2019

Info update in May 2020and annually thereafter

A Focus group was conducted in April 2020 to assess changes and inform additional action required as part of the annual (May) updates.
Initially delayed and then overtaken by COVID-19 events. Lower priority due to limited recruitment at present. However, also an opportunity to update materials. WD ≥85% of eligible male and female staff agree induction process met their needs in the next survey in April 2021. A culture survey (2022) highlighted induction remains an issue.

The induction process is now part of the Athena Swan website as well as covered in H&S. Regular emails are being sent to line managers to remind them of expected induction processes
5.7 Promote and evaluate the impact of participation in career development initiatives.  New initiatives introduced as part of Bronze AP show clear signs of impact. Need to ensure that this trend continues to review their continued effectiveness for addressing SCMH pipeline.  Promotion through a dedicated section in  SCMH monthly newsletter

Quarterly email reminders of initiatives
In progress NERD is ongoing and may develop an online aspect for the upcoming semester. PDR paused for the year, but career development slides were disseminated to PI.s FOCUS initiative ongoing.  CD/WD ≥90% of male and female staff agree that they have access to relevant training, career development, and networking opportunities to a new question in the next survey (April 2021). Mentoring was raised as something that was unclear in the survey (2022), new links were established on the updated website

Academic promotion & regarding workshops delivered Oct 2022, Jan 2023.
5.21 We will lead the update of staff webpages to include teaching roles and institute service; these are not part of the current SCMH web profile template.

Following that, we will conduct focus work with academic staff to consider further action to improve the teaching profile.
Further, improve the visibility of role models as well as provide more effective career direction for staff. A Bespoke RET induction session held

Webpages to be updated

Focus work with academics with teaching experience
Held: 2018




Delayed due to COVID
WD >85% of the staff of both genders agree that the allocation of roles and responsibilities are clear and transparent at the next survey

>85% of the staff of both genders agree that the allocation of roles and responsibilities takes into account all of my activities in the next survey
Requires  someone to link in with Tracy and consider whether teaching roles need to be highlighted further - ongoing (Jan 2023)
5.24 Achieve 50:50 gender split in guest speaker nominations through a continued Bronze AP approach. 14% female speakers in 2012/13 and 13% female in 2013/14.

Gender equality achieved in 2017/18, and 2018/19 after SAT intervention
50:50 split has now been achieved since BAP. Maintain. Ongoing yearly monitoring.

2019/2020 session

2020/2021 session

2021/2022 session
Tom to report historical data WD

Gender balance (50:50) for the guest seminar series in all calendar years Need updated information from those involved with the programme.  And further encouragement to consider EDI more widely when recommending speakers.