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Dekaban-Liddle Fellowship Programme

About the foundation

The Glasgow-Warsaw Dekaban-Liddle Foundation is a collaboration between the University of Glasgow, the University of Warsaw and the Piast Institute. Recognising a special need for general economic advancement in Poland and emphasising the importance of the world economy and of forecasting trends in international trade, Dr Anatole and Mrs Pamela Dekaban established the Foundation at the University of Glasgow in 1990 for the exchange of experts and expertise between British and Polish institutions of higher education.

The Foundation provides financial support to enable Polish economists, broadly defined, to gain a wider experience of economic theory and practice through research visits to the University of Glasgow, as well as visits to Poland by Glasgow academics. Participation in the Foundation’s fellowship scheme is directed by but not limited to Glasgow and Warsaw, and may include other British and Polish institutions.

Areas of interest to the Committee may include cognate social sciences and applied economics.

Applications are now open

2022-23 fellowship applications are now open. The deadline to apply is 15 June 2022.

To apply, please complete the Fellowship Application form and email it to: 

2022-23 Fellowship application form (Word)

Application process

Who can apply?

You should be a full-time teacher or researcher in Economics, Finance or cognate social sciences—broadly defined Applied Economics—including, but not limited to:

  • Management
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • International Business & Enterprise
  • Strategy and Decision Making
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing and Innovation Management.

Consideration will also be given to suitably qualified applicants from government and business in Poland.


At the end of their stay Fellows are required to submit a standardised report that will be reviewed by various stakeholders in Scotland, Poland and USA.

This report seeks to capture:

  • the nature of your research
  • how your time was spent
  • with whom you collaborated
  • and the value of the fellowship for your career, for your institution and for Poland in general.

Applications that identify clear deliverables aligned with the research aims of the Adam Smith Business School will be prioritised. Deliverables may include, for example:

  • publication in a highly-ranked journal
  • or attendance at a specific conference.


The Committee awards Junior and Senior Fellowships and funding is expected to cover living expenses during your time in Glasgow.

Junior Fellowships are valued at a maximum of £11,000* for a five-month visit and are appropriate for early-career researchers.

Senior Fellowships are valued at a maximum of £2,600* for a one-month visit and are aimed at more established, senior academics.

You are free to divide your fellowship into multiple visits, but funds will be pro-rated accordingly. Additionally, all Fellows are provided with a University of Glasgow IT account and full access to all Library resources. Offices are not provided, however upon arrival, shared office space may be booked for varying lengths of time in the University Library.

Travel & accommodation

You will be responsible for making your own arrangements for travel and accommodation to/from Glasgow.

If you wish, you may book accommodation through the University’s Accommodation Services and have your fees paid directly from your Fellowship Award. Direct payment for accommodation will not be made to any property managers outside of Accommodation Services and any external rental agreements are your responsibility.

You will also be responsible for your own life, health and travel insurance and for any expenses related to your dependents (i.e. spouses, children) if they are accompanying you.


The University of Glasgow follows a strict Ethical Approval process if your research involves human participants, material or data. You must receive ethical approval before conducting such research at the University of Glasgow. More information can be found on the College of Social Sciences Ethics page. Please note that it may take up to six weeks for your ethics application to be processed.


Language skills

English is the language used in Scotland and the United Kingdom and is, naturally, the business language at the University of Glasgow. Therefore, strong English speaking and comprehension skills are required to communicate effectively with academic colleagues and the wider community during your research visit.

Collaborations outside Glasgow

Fellows are welcome to collaborate with academics outside of the University of Glasgow and outside Scotland, but research projects with a significant tie to the Adam Smith Business School will be prioritised. Any planned visits or collaborations outside of Glasgow should be detailed in your application.

Likewise, you are encouraged to travel around Scotland during your visit, but research should be the primary focus of your time here. If you intend to be outside of Glasgow for a long period of time, the Committee would be grateful to know this in advance.

“…I believe that the fellowship supported my academic career by giving me exposure to a dynamic and innovative research environment.”

Radoslaw Malik, Dekaban Scholar, 2017-18

“The Fellowship has allowed [me] to increase significantly my scientific excellence and to develop research cooperation with top researchers.”

Justyna Zygmunt, Dekaban Scholar, 2016-17