Professor Sally Wyke

‌Deputy Director, Institute of Health & Wellbeing / Interdisciplinary Research Professor

‘It is important to us to reduce inequality and injustice. By focusing on those most in need and bringing together theory and evidence with people’s own experience, our research is improving health and wellbeing.’

Professor Sally Wyke is a renowned social scientist who applies social scientific theory and methods to complex interventions to improve health and wellbeing.  She also has expertise in pragmatic approaches to robust evaluation using comparative designs and mixed methods, and applies her skills to support health in community and primary care settings.  

Sally is Deputy Director of the Institute of Health and Wellbeing, focusing on collaborative, solutions-focused, research. She is an experienced research leader; she was Foundation Director of the Scottish School of Primary Care and Director of the Alliance for Self-Care Research. She has held over 60 research grants, studentships or fellowships (including three programme grants) totalling over £10 million. She leads the EU-funded consortium ‘EuroFIT’ and is Associate Faculty at the Africa Health Research Institute, South Africa.

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Professor Wyke is interested in complex interventions to improve health, reduce inequalities, in public health, community settings or primary care.