A selection of publications from the UNESCO Chair team, our projects and our colleagues. 

RSE advice paper May 2021 NO: 21–04 Royal Soceity of Edinburgh response to proposed UK Asylum system changes (2021)

Phipps, A. (2021) Decolonising the languages curriculum: linguistic justice for linguistic ecologies. In: Beaven, T., and Rosell-Aguilar, F. (eds.) Innovative Language Pedagogy Report. 

National Value of UNESCO Report (2020) - featuring case study on UNESCO RILA programme

Why Cultural Work with Refugees? In-depth analysis (2017) Research for Culture and Education (CULT) Committee (European Parliament)

Revisiting Indigenous Engagement, Research Partnerships, and Knowledge Mobilisation - Think Piece (Fassetta & Imperiale) in Indigenous Research Methods: Partnerships, Engagement And Knowledge Mobilisation (2021)

Early career English teacher identity project report: Exploring teacher identity and agency through the Tree of Life approach, Teaching English, Maria Grazia Imperiale, Stephen Mander, Damian Ross (2021)