Selection of news stories, podcasts and opinion pieces featuring the UNESCO Chair team members


18 June 23  The National  The past feels close in these times of political turmoil for refugees - By Alison Phipps 
14 May 23  The National 

The story of 'old' and 'new' Scots is a complex one - by Alison Phipps  

2 May 23  The National 

Those stuck in Sudan need help - and the UK isn't answering - By Alison Phipps 

19 Mar 23  The National 

BBC has taken leave of its senses and is censoring dissent - By Alison Phipps 

19 Mar 23 

 The National

Home Office disputes leave refugee children sleeping in cars - By Alison Phipps 

9 Mar 23  The National 

Alison Phipps: Three key things to know about realities of migration

26 Oct 22 The Herald

Human rights campaigner in call to extend free bus travel in Scotland to asylum seekers

Featuring P. Asku

05 Oct 22 The National 

Suella Braverman picks up Priti Patel's dregs with her grotesque Rwanda 'dream'

A. Phipps 

21 Aug 22  The National 

Muster Station is an immersive, and confronting experience

A. Phipps

7 Aug 22  The National 

Trip to the Scottish Crannog centre proved to be more than a day out for group of refugees

P. Asku, RILA PhD Researcher

31 July 22 The Scotsman 

A. Phipps quoted in "Homesick Ukrainians in Scotland opt for online schooling to keep links with home country" by Jane Bradley

3 July 22 The National

Why we are organising first eco-social People's Summit where nobody is left behind.

L. Roberts, B. Leysen, H. Yohannes, A. Phipps

26 June 22 The National

The stories of those who made Scotland their home

P. Aksu, A. Phipps

7 May 22 The National

Home Office take note: we’re all from Kenmure Street now

By Alison Phipps And Pinar Aksu

22 Mar 22 The National

Why the right to work is so important for those seeking asylum 
Dan Fisher, Savan Qadir, Pinar Aksu

20 Mar 22  The Scotsman

A. Phipps quoted in 'It is not the most vulnerable being brought to the UK - but those with passports and resources' - by Dani Garavelli

15 Apr 22 The National

Why Boris Johnson's Rwanda plan for English Channel Refugees simply won't work - A. Phipps & P. Asku

13 Mar 22 The Sunday National

Axing Nationality and Borders Bill is first in long list of changes for helping refugees

08 Mar 22 The National

A. Phipps quoted in "Ukrainian refugees blocked from UK by Home Office chaos"

15 Feb 22 The National

UK Government plans to ‘offshore asylum’ – but what will that mean?

25 Nov 21  The National 

Priti Patel's stance on refugees shows she has not accepted the reality

21 Nov 21 The National

Special Report: ‘The asylum system is evil ... nobody cares about you’: Harnet’s 16 years of living hell

Hyab Yohannes, Alison Phipps, Graham O’Neill

19 Nov 21 Times Higher Education

Alison Phipps quoted in Relief as UK’s ‘very high quality’ global research hubs saved

17 Nov 21 The National

Priti Patel is the one 'gaming the system' when it comes to asylum

14 Oct 21 The National

Is the UK Government deliberately trying to torpedo talks at COP26?

19 Sept 21  The Sunday National 

ArtLords of Afghanistan who will not be silenced in Taliban takeover

12 Sept 21 The Sunday National

Alison Phipps: What can we Scots do about this unbelievably cruel Borders Bill?

Referenced in relation to resolution 13, rejections of Nationality and Borders Bill, SNP Conference Sept 2021 (11.49)

22 Aug 21  The Sunday National

A new vision of the Crannog centre after fire tore through cultural landmark

20 June 21 The Herald

Opinion: The UK's 'proud history' of welcoming refugees is disputable

30 May 21  The National  

Alison Phipps: Artists' nomination prompts reflection on Scotland's links to Malawi

16 May 21  The Sunday National

Crisis in Palestine: ‘Eid Mubarak. From Gaza. From Glasgow’

14 May 21 The National 

Alison Phipps: Extraordinary community action led to Kenmure Street victory

19 Mar 21 The Guardian

A. Phipps quoted in 'This happens in Brazil, not Britain': academics in despair as global research funds pulled

17 Mar 21 The National 

A. Phipps quoted in "Academics quit in protest over UK Government's foreign aid cuts"

15 Mar 21  Research Professional 

A. Phipps quoted in "Independent advisers resign over UKRI funding cuts"

15 Mar 21  The National 

How the UK is engaging in the politics of death with Trident upgrade

24 Jan 21 The Observer

A. Phipps quoted in "Fabled ark could be among ancient treasures in danger in Ethiopia’s deadly war

18 Jan 21 The National

Ayrshire and Afghanistan meet as unique Burns event goes online (A. Phipps presenting during event with First Minister)

15 Jan 21  Church Times 

Interview: Alison Phipps academic, linguist, artist. With Terence Handley MacMath.

Dec 20 News from Wales 

Welsh poetry commissions announced by language Minister

15 Nov 20 The National

Eritrean culture comes to the fore as part of Unesco’s 75th birthday

18 Oct 20 The Observer

Quoted in "From Sudan to the Park Inn: the tragic story of a migrant’s killing"

1 Oct 20 The National 

We must stand firm against cruelty of the Tory immigration system

30 Aug 20 The National  

Effect of Home Office policies reaching epidemic proportions

19 Aug 20 The National 

Quoted in 'Grave concerns' as Glasgow asylum seekers face hotel stays until 2021

11 Aug 20 Scottish Housing News 

Quoted in "Everyone Home unveils ‘triple-lock’ of homelessness mitigation measures in second Route Map"

5 July 20 The National 

There is a politics of death in asylum system

1 July 20 The National 

This isn’t how we say we aim to treat New Scots

17 May 20 The National

Another life lost to an asylum system predicated on injustice

26 Jan 20 The National 

Britain, Brexit and my granddaughter who may never be an EU citizen

25 Oct 19  Bloomberg 

Quote in "Just Miles From Trump’s Scottish Golf Course Lies an Oasis for Refugees. Scotland’s open-door approach is a sign of how it’s diverging from the rest of Britain."

21 Oct 19  Politics Home 

Cited in "Academic and creative sectors are under threat if we lose free movement within Europe"

9 Aug 19 Otago Daily Times

Refugee integration should be a shared task: professor

24 June 19 The Guardian

Unesco chair blasts 'discriminatory' UK visitor visa system

16 June 19 The National   

Sabir Zazai is a remarkable man who makes life better for refugees

12 June 19 The Guardian 

Quoted in "Man granted visa to see son collect doctorate says he is 'in a dream'"

28 Apr 19  The National  

The African art bringing about real change in the shadow of death

16 Mar 19 The National

Why we should respond to the Christchurch attack with compassion

10 Mar 19 The National

International Women’s Day gave me the greatest gift ... my daughter

23 Dec 18 The National

Sturgeon: Immigration White Paper ‘closes the door on our future’

24 Sept 18 The National

Hospitals are places of peace amid a hostile environment

02 Aug 18 The Guardian

What the Womad visa fiasco tells us about live music in Brexit Britain

26 July 18 The National

We live in cruel times, and courage is made in times like these

15 May 18 The National (with Dr Nazmi Al-masri)

'Let's break the bars of the cage of Gaza so, like a bird, I can fly and sing songs of freedom'

01 May 18 The National

UK should aim for Scotland's ‘hospitable environment’

08 Mar 18 The National

Women on the picket lines are being failed by UK institutions

27 Jan 18 The National

Fire helped remind me of what home means for refugees

05 Dec 17 Otago Daily Times Online News 

NZ 'amazing' to refugees

25 Nov 17 The National

Scottish refugee ambassador role for National’s Alison Phipps

18 Nov 17 The National

Detention - "the place where women cry all the time"

12 Oct 17 The National

A tale of humanity, love and reaching out to refugees

04 Oct 17 The National

The success of the far right in Germany is nothing compared to the Tories and Ukip in the UK

30 Sept 17 The National

We shouldn't draw spurious links between violent offenders and their experiences of care

26 Aug 17 The National Theresa May has succeeded in providing the hostile environment for migrants she promised
31 July 17 The National Immigration expert slams Liam Fox's 'illogical' comments on freedom of movement  
30 July 17 The Sunday Herald UK's 'secret travel ban' preventing world's best and brightest from entering Scotland
18 June 17  The Sunday Herald  The kindness of strangers: the challenges and rewards of opening your home to refugees



12 Nov 2020 EDM (Early Day Motion)1127

75th Anniversary of UNESCO 

Summer 2020 National Value of UNESCO Report UNESCO Chair in Refugee Integration Through Languages and the Arts highlighted as a  key case studies in this report. 
09 Nov 2017 European Parliament: Culture and Education (CULT) Committee Prof Alison Phipps and Artist in Residence, Naa Densua Tordzro provided evidence to the committee on the effectiveness of cultural work with refugees. You can read the full briefing here.
05 July 2017 UK Parliament: Israel and Palestinian Talks Questions raised in Parliament about visa refusals for distinguished visiting academic collaborators 


Lectures and talks

10 June 2022 

Iona Community Lecture 2022 

These Stones Will Shout Aloud: gathering global voices on themes of climate justice, hospitality, faith and the integration of the whole of life.

(A. Phipps, H. Yohannes, P. Aksu)

1 June 2022 India Education Diary 

University Of Glasgow: Importance Of Modern Language Highlighted By Major Symposium In Glasgow

26 Aug 2021 Reforming the UK's asylum system - Panel Discussion

Royal Society of Edinburgh Curious Programme

21 March 2021  What do we have to do to give Hope to Refugees and Migrants? [event recording]

Scottish Laity Network Lenten Series 5 [event details]

20 Jan 2021

Decolonising Languages in Rural Settings: Towards Equatorial Epistemologies

Abralin ao Vivo – Linguists Online

27 Oct 2020

Peace-making in a world of conflict with Alison Phipps & Ewan Aitken

SCCR International Conference 2020: 'Connections & Bridging the Divide' [event details]

5 Dec 2019

DeCarle Lecture 8: The Well in Welcome

Victoria University of Wellington

24 Oct 2019

Hosting, Hospitality and Displacement: Opening Words by Prof Alison Phipps

Refugee Hosts International Conference: Without Execution - the Politics and Poetics of Local Responses to Displacement, 24-25th October 2019, UCL 
12 Mar 2019  Between a Border and a Breath

Minerva Lecture: Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow 

08 March 2018

Side by Side's 'Faith in Gender Justice' exhibition

Scottish Parliament 

25 January 2018

Refugees and Migration: How National Academies Can Work Together to tackle Global Issues

Phipps, A. Royal Society of Edinburgh, Meeting of National Academies.

20 Nov 2018

Lecture: The Arts of Integrating

Las Casas Institute, Blackfriars

28 November 2017

Visas, Visits and Refusals: Working in the Border zones Of Resilience, Distress and Wellbeing 

Phipps, A. The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) - UWA – Perth.

29 September 2017

Inaugural University of Sanctuary Lecture

Phipps, A. "Asylum Narratives Colloquium", St Patrick's College Drumcondra, Ireland. 

29 June 2017

At Home and Exiled in Language Studies: Interdisciplinarity, intersectionality and interculturality

Phipps, A., presented by Forsdick, C. at "Language, Communities and Moving Borders: Theories and Methodologies symposium", hosted by Birkbeck, University of London and the Institute of Modern Language Research, School of Advanced Study, University of London

TV and radio

2 Jan 2022  BBC Radio Scotland

Sunday Morning with Cathy Macdonald (available until Feb 2022)

Cathy is joined by Alison Phipps, Professor of Languages and Intercultural Studies at the University of Glasgow, and Gurjit Singh Lalli to talk about how to build the strong connections and resilient communities we will need to see us through the pandemic and the challenges of 2022.

13 June 21

BBC Radio Scotland  Sunday Morning with Cathy Macdonald, featuring Alison Phipps. To mark UN World Oceans Day - highlighting our reliance on and the need to protect our oceans and seas.  A focus on the significance of holy water in different world religions and how that can be translated into care for our environment.

29 Nov 2020

BBC Radio Scotland  Sunday Morning with Cathy Macdonald.  With Martin Plaut discussing the political & humanitarian disaster unfolding in Tigray, and ethics of cuts to the UK aid budget.

22 Feb 2019

BBC Radio 4 The Opportunity of Divorce

04 Mar 2018

BBC Radio Scotland Sunday Morning with Ricky Ross (starts at 1.08, available until 3 April 2018)

06 Dec 2017

Channel 39 Southern Television UNESCO Chair in Refugee Integration visits Dunedin

06 Dec 2017

The News The South Today News Update (starts at 5.02)

19 Nov 2017

BBC Radio Scotland Sunday Morning with Cathy MacDonald (starts at 1.05, available until 19 Dec 2017)

18 June 2017

BBC Radio Scotland Sunday Morning with Ricky Ross Live from the Solas Festival

Online and other media

16 June 23   University of Oxford - Border Crimonologies    The Normalisation of Migrant Deaths and Its Implications for Humanity - by Hyab Yohannes  
4 May 23   ITI Bulletin 

Speech and Silence - by Adam Williamson

15 Nov 22 Greater Govanhill

What Do We Mean by Integration? - featuring Alison Phipps

30 Aug 22 The Conversation

Haacaaluu Hundeesaa: sublime Ethiopian singer who inspired Oromo struggle protesters 

20 June 22 RSE Blog

Blog for World Refugee Day

16 Dec 21 ReSourcE issue 68

Down the waters of Loch Tay (page 15)

25 Nov 21 Bella Caledonia 

Bella Caledonia: An Anthology of Writing from 2007 - 2021

Featuring work by Alison Phipps 

22 Nov 21 Insight magazine (Children in Scotland member publication)

It's our responsibility to welcome refugees - and redeem their stories 

Dr Hyab Yohannes

15 August 21 Scottish Business News 

Refugee projects awarded £2.8 million to help new Scots settle

19 Mar 21 Scottish Government News - Press Release

Integrating New Scots

5 Mar 21  UK Parliament Web Conference

Refugees and migrants: Humanitarian emergencies, voluntary resettlement and assisted voluntary returns

13 Feb 21 UNESCO UKNC Special report for World Radio Day

Radio: witness and guardian of our world

Featuring UNESCO RILA team

13 Feb 21 UNESCO UKNC Blog World Radio Day - Alison Phipps
10 Feb 21 BBC Radio Scotland: Scotland Outdoors The Importance of Connecting to the Land for Refugees - A Conversation with Professor Alison Phipps 
25 Nov 2020 Artlyst 

Artist Hannah Rose Thomas – Tears of Gold – Interview

13 Aug 2020

Climate Fringe Stories

Podcast: Book Launch of Riders on the Storm: The Climate Crisis and the Survival of Being by Alastair McIntosh, in conversation with Professor Alison Phipps.

20 June 2020 Christian Aid Facebook

World Refugee Day Poem by Alison Phipps for Christian Aid

18 June 2020  Susanna Wesley Foundation

Poem reading by Alison Phipps and Tawona Sitholé

Gifts are in the Feet


Seeds of Thought

Recorded to accompany the book Mapping Faith: Theologies of Migration and Community

6 June 2020  Bella Caledonia 

When I Needed a Neighbour (opinion)

7 February 2020 OAR FM Dunedin Centre for Global Migrations and Mornington Methodist Church in Dunedin: Conversation between Behrouz Boochani and Professor Alison Phipps
26 Jan 2020 PEN America An open letter to His Excellency Mr. Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China (signatory)
06 Sept 2019 Channel View Publications / Multilingual Matters blog A Manifesto for Decolonising Multilingualism
21 Jun 2019 Scottish Funding Council Blog From an Acorn
14 Jun 2019 Bella Caledonia Day Dreaming in Darkness
6 Jan 2019 Broadcasting Scotland The Full Scottish
Sept 2018 Who is my neighbour?  St Ninian's Episcopal Church Magazine (p. 6)
29 Aug 2018 Scottish Refugee Council Blog Laughter as Hospitality
05 Aug 2018 Broadcasting Scotland The Full Scottish
20 June 2018 Annual Lecture video via Independence Live Do you get my drift?: ‘Sankofa’ and the Arts of Integrating the old with the new
30 May 2018 Society & Space Border enforcement and the University: a conversation
02 May 2018 Third Force News New chair for Scots refugee group
01 May 2018 MyScience UofG Professor to chair Scotland’s refugee integration partnership and strategy
04 May 2018 UNESCO in the UK - News UofG Professor to chair Scotland’s refugee integration partnership and strategy
11 Mar 2018 Broadcasting Scotland The Full Scottish
04 Dec 2017 MyGlasgow News Ambassador Role For Alison Phipps
29 Sept 2017 Academy of Social Science: News Focus Gedzgem – Resilience: Researching Global Mental Health Multilingually
1 July 2017 Vimeo Documentary Remote: A Documentary about Drones and Humans
20 June 2017 Inaugural Lecture video UNESCO Chair Inaugural Lecture








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