Ximena using live lung slices in KM mice

Fundamental discoveries in immune cell regulation has led to clinical immunotherapies that greatly benefit people with cancer. These observations underscore the importance immune cell function in cancer progression.

However, research over the last 20 years has shown that immune cells play dichotomous roles in tumour progression. While some immune cells function to kill cancer cells, other immune cells function to promote cancer.

Our group is interested in understanding the context in which immune cells either potentiate or prevent tumour initiation, tumour growth and metastasis. We have specific expertise in myeloid cells and innate T cells as well as genetically engineered mouse models of cancer.


Dr Seth Coffelt | Senior Research Fellow (Beatson Institute)

I am a cancer immunologist within the Institute of Cancer Sciences, whose lab is based at the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute. My research is focused on mechanisms of immune escape and metastasis with particular interest in gamma delta T cells.

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Prof Carl Goodyear | Professor of Translational Immunology

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Prof Gerard Graham | Molecular & Structural Immunology

My research focuses on trying to understand chemokines and their receptors, which are the primary regulators of in vivo leukocyte migration. We particularly focus on their roles in inflammation and in development.

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Prof Simon Milling | Deputy Head of Immunology

My lab focusses on the immunology of the intestine. We study cellular and mechanisms by which macrophages and dendritic cells control intestinal immune responses. We translate these insights in studies of human inflammatory and autoimmune diseases including ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and alopecia areata.

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Dr Thomas Otto | Senior Lecturer in Immunology

I am computer scientist with the interest to apply omics methods to biological problems and build computational tools to integrate and analyse the data.

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Dr Georgia Perona-Wright | Senior Lecturer (Immunology)

T cells in action are a critical anti-cancer defence. We are working to understand what fuels and what regulates T cells’ activity at foci of infection and at tumour sites.


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