Executive Committee

The executive committee is elected every 2 years and is responsible for the strategic direction of the centre. The current committee is listed below.

Dr Raimondo Penta Director and Co-treasurer University of Glasgow
Prof Gabriela Gomes Deputy Director & Co-treasurer University of Strathclyde
Dr Vinny Davies Webmaster & Deputy Seminar Organiser University of Glasgow
Dr Asimina Kazakidi Impact Champion University of Strathclyde
Dr Chris McCormick Theme Event Organiser University of Strathclyde
Dr Ariel Ramirez Torres Seminar Organiser & Deputy Webmaster University of Glasgow
Dr Douglas Speirs Strategic Senior Advisor University of Strathclyde
Mr Sathish Kumar Marimuthu Postgraduate Representative University of Glasgow
Ms Laura Thomson Postgraduate Representative University of Strathclyde