Graduate Apprenticeship Degree Programmes

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Glasgow are looking forwad to the graduation of the first Graduate Apprenticeship in Software Engineering cohort, in summer of 2022. Graduate Apprenticeships are work-based degrees, awarding a qualification equal to the standard academic route through Computer Science with substantial industry experience to boot.

The degree has been developed from scratch, drawing in research from international best practice concerning work-based learning, communities of practice, active learning and more. The work has been supported by international visits, large scale industry consultation and extensive literature review across several areas, all contributing to the development of a programme which we believe to provide an excellent learning experience for students and a valuable investment for employers.

More information about the development of this programme can be found on the CCSE pages under Work Based Learning, and information on the programme itself can be found on the University's main pages under Software Engineering (Graduate Apprenticeship).