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New ARC-XR video

Are you interested in ARC-XR? Watch the brand new video to find out how you can integrate it into your research. Filmed and produced by Charlotte Reid, Digital Content Creator for Research Services, based right here in the ARC. 

ARC-XR: Integrate XR into Your Next Research Project

"It has been great to see different research projects from all around the University here in ARC-XR. If you already have a pretty good idea related to XR, or if you simply want to explore how it can enhance your research programme, send us an email to arrange a consultation. I am looking forward to welcoming you in ARC-XR!”

~ Imants Latkovskis, Extended Reality (XR) Lab Manager

Contact to learn more or visit the website: 


Prof Jamie Cross appointed as inaugural Director of Glasgow Changing Futures (GCF)

Jamie is a Professor of Social Anthropology, and his research and teaching brings critical traditions of social science into engagement with global challenges around health and sustainability. He is based on level 5 of the ARC. Jamie said of his appointment:

"I’m incredibly excited to take on this role. All universities change the future but not all universities have been changing the future for as long as the University of Glasgow. Under the banner of GCF, we have a unique opportunity to work in partnership to transform how a higher education institution co-delivers impact in a post-Covid, 1.5-degree world."

Professor Jamie Cross, Director of Glasgow Changing Futures


Connect & Collaborate

Events and workshops which provide a chance to connect with colleagues from across the University,

Creative approaches to reimagining Public & Patient Involvement (PPI) in Research - Webinar, 4th April, 12:00 - 12:30

This promises to be an engaging webinar featuring Gaston Welisch from UofG and Paul Van Duuren from University of Groningen. Patient and public involvement in research is an important component of generating real-world relevant outcomes and impact. In this short webinar, Gaston and Paul will highlight some of their thoughts and insights from their own experiences in researching how we can be more creative in engaging patients and public in our research. This webinar is open-to-all can be accessed via Zoom

Research Staff Assembly Write of Spring, 15th - 26th April

The Research Staff Assembly is a community-based platform and a MS Teams space. The April hybrid hour is on Tuesday 16th April, 10.00-11.00 in ARC Studio 2 or online, sign up here. Dr Rachel Lyon will introduce colleagues who are part of Write of Spring, a festival of academic writing across two weeks. If you write, then Write of Spring is for you. The programme brings together colleagues and researchers from across the university to engage in conversation around academic writing through a series of sessions.

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Upcoming events, visits and workshops

Spring Fling, 26th March - 6th April, various spaces

Our annual Spring Fling is back with a free programme of events and activities for all ages, this year we explore the theme of New Worlds.

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 Games Night: Brave New Worlds (part of Spring Fling), 29th March, 18:30 - 21:00, free, ticketed

Games and gaming have always invited us to step into brave new worlds, but do they have the power to inspire change in our own world too? This event explores how gaming culture opens up our imaginative capacities for real world discovery and reinvention.

‌A free soft or alcoholic drink for everyone who arrives between 18:30 and 19:30.

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Family Day (part of Spring Fling), 30th March, 12:00 - 15:00, Exhibition Space, free, drop-in

‌Drop-in any time between 12pm and 3pm to enjoy free, family-friendly events and activities. 

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Weird Thinking: Reading and Watching "Poor Things" (part of Spring Fling), ‌3rd April, 18:00 - 22:00, ‌ARC Exhibition space, free, ticketed


Join a discussion of the novel and the film from a range of perspectives, and explore the continued value of weird thinking and practice in contemporary research at the University of Glasgow.

‌The panel discussion will be followed by a screening of "Poor Things" (2023).


Chaired by Sorcha Dallas from The Alasdair Gray Archive.

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MusARC (part of Spring Fling), 4th April, Exhibition Space, free, drop-in

An evening celebrating human creativity and connection through music. The first of a new series, this event will feature three diverse acts, each with a connection to the University of Glasgow, and a Q+A with the musicians, giving insight into their music and research.

‌The opening line-up features:


If you would like to host an event or develop an engagement activity, please contact the ARC’s Event & Engagement Team to discuss your ideas.  

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Research news

Green Recovery Dialogues: Food Systems 

‌The Centre for Sustainable Solutions organized a Green Recovery Dialogues: Food Systems workshop on 11th March. Building on prior dialogues, this session focused on envisioning a just and sustainable food system for the Clyde Valley region. Led by Prof Jaime Toney, Dr Rhys Williams, and Michael P Johnson, it gathered diverse stakeholders to co-develop ideas and perspectives. The team will produce a report for regional decision-makers. If you’d like to learn more about the GRD: Food Systems, please contact the Centre for Sustainable Solutions at 


Gender Bias in Future AI Healthcare Systems

Researchers under the leadership of Dr. Nour Ghadban are embarking on a project to develop gender-neutral artificial intelligence (AI) for future healthcare monitoring systems. Their primary objective is to mitigate biases inherent in AI algorithms, thus ensuring fair and equitable treatment for patients of all genders. 


Digital Tools to understand Climate Change and Disease 

Jon Cooper and Julien Reboud recently attended a RAEng and University of Glasgow funded workshop in Kenya exploring how to develop projects that look at how climate has affected disease dynamics. The workshop identified teams taking forth new multidisciplinary project proposals to funders. If you would like to know more, contact Julien


Furhat Showcase Event

The Furhat Showcase Event took place last month in the ARC, organised by cSCAN. This event showcased the ongoing research involving social robots, and featured presentations from Social AI CDT students Shaul Ashkenazi and Radu Chirila. The Social AI CDT is located within the ARC and focuses on training the next generation of experts in Artificial Social Intelligence.



‌Adaptive optical imaging with entangled photons paper‌

Professor Daniele Faccio and Patrick Cameron of UofG’s Extreme Light research group have authored a paper published in Science on Adaptive optical imaging with entangled photons. Congratulations Daniele and Patrick!

New Quantum Tech project with SKKU South Korea

‌The University of Glasgow has collaborated with Sung Kyung Kwan University in Korea on a project aiming to develop advanced quantum devices, focusing on superconducting photon detectors for secure communication networks. 

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