Postgraduate taught 

Leadership in Health & Social Care PgCert: Online distance learning

Core and optional courses

Core and optional courses

Course 1: Leading Care - Putting leadership into the health and social care context

This course aims to enable to student to explore and apply leadership and management theory in the context of health and social care. In addition the student will have an opportunity to develop a whole systems perspective to understand the impact of policy on practice within the organisational structures relevant to care delivery.

Learning outcomes

  1. Critically discuss theories of leadership and management and the core values and principles underpinning good leadership at the macro, meso and micro level

  2. Critically discuss the meaning of leadership in the context of health and social care delivery

  3. Think critically about health care provision

  4. Critically discuss managerialism and the potential tensions between leadership and management roles

  5. Critically discuss how organisations function and the potential impact on service delivery

  6. Critically reflect on their own leadership and management skills in the context of their role

Course 2: Leading improvement in care provision  

The course aims to enable the student to effectively manage change in the health and social care environment, using skills in decision making and negotiation, taking cognisance of risk factors. In addition, students will have an opportunity to explore mechanisms for effective team working and develop strategies for minimising and managing conflict.

Learning outcomes

     1. Discuss and critically evaluate approaches to change management within the health and social care setting

     2. Explore potential triggers that might lead to conflict and develop strategies for minimising and managing conflict 

     3. Critically analyse their own decision making and problem solving skills

     4. Evaluate strategies and approaches to problem solving and decision making within the health environment

     5. Critically discuss mechanism for developing and managing teams

     6. Critically evaluate leadership, management and decision making approaches within a global health and social care context

Course 3: Transforming care services 

This course will enable the student to explore the impact of policy and strategies in relation quality improvements in care delivery and to develop an evidence based economic assessment to inform service transformation

Learning outcomes

  1. Critically analyse the impact of policy and quality strategies related to health and social care in a  global context

  2. Apply skills in developing strategies to achieve outcomes/goals and implement policy in their own professional environment 

  3. Evaluate the impact of quality strategies within the health care environment

  4. Apply an economic assessment tool to determine the value of an existing or planned aspect of practice or service provision

  5. Demonstrate critical awareness of risk and risk management in relation to health care provision  

  6. Critically discuss  approaches to managing budgets and balancing financial constraints with quality provision  


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Mobile device specifications

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Other software

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Advised hardware / software

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  • Webcam