Information for Current Students

Below you will find information for on-course PhD with Integrated Study Precision Medicine DTP students, details within these sections will mainly apply to Glasgow registered students. Where applicable links to the main Precision Medicine website will be highlighted.

Joining and Induction

Matriculation is your formal act of registration with the University. It carries with it the obligation to abide by the rules of the University, including the payment of fees and other tuition costs, and gives you privilege of access to student services and University facilities.
You will be contacted by the course administration with regard to your offer in the first instance. Thereafter details will be sent to you from the central admission system to register at the University. Full details regarding the matriculation process is detailed here: 

Yearly Registration
Students will have their attendance confirmed by the Programme Team each year of the programme. Further information will be provided each year ahead of attendance confirmation. Additionally, you will only be officially registered each year based on the outcome of your annual review. Details regarding yearly registration is available within the MVLS Graduate School website:

Students from the University of Glasgow will also matriculate with the University of Edinburgh, giving students on the University of Glasgow Precision Medicine Doctoral Training Programme the opportunity to take agreed courses at the University of Edinburgh, and vice versa. Arrangements for matriculating with the University of Edinburgh will be confirmed by the DTP PG Administrative Officers.

Induction Schdedule 2022
All Glasgow registered students must attend the compulsory MVLS Graduate School Induction. Schedule details available here

All Glasgow registered students must attend certain parts of the University of Edinburgh Induction. Details of the schedule will be sent via email and you will be notified by email which parts is compulsory to attend.

Training Needs Analysis
To ensure individual training needs for the formal taught element of the programme are met and to determine the length of each student’s PhD with Integrated Study programme (3.5 or 4 years), you will be asked to complete a Training Needs Analysis form, which will review your individual experience and competency levels to date in the areas of Quantitative Skills, Data, and Life Sciences. This form will be sent to you prior to commencement of programme.

Additional training needs including opportunities for professional development and transferrable skills training will be reviewed throughout your programme and available separately.



Funding Information

Funded PhD with Integrated Study studentships for the Precision Medicine Doctoral Training programme within the University of Glasgow are supported by the Medical Research Council (MRC) Doctoral Training Programme and the University of Glasgow (the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences)).

All funded students should ensure they acknowledge both the Medical Research Council and the University of Edinburgh/University of Glasgow on posters, presentations and any academic papers you produce during your PhD study. Grant references can also be available if required from the DTP admininstrators.

Tuition Fees and Stipends

- Payment of tuition fees at the prevailing Home/*International student rate for PhD study at the University of Glasgow will be paid directly to the University each year of the programme (3.5 or 4 years based on the Training Needs Analysis, which will determine the length of each student's programme). 
- The University of Glasgow will apply your fee to your student account when you register at the University.

Stipend payments
- Stipend payments will be made to Glasgow based students monthly on the last banking day of each month.
- Stipend rates are based on the UKRI minimum doctoral rate for each of the 3.5 years or 4 years of the PhD (based on the Training Needs Analysis, which will determine the length of each student's programme).

Research Training Support Grant
- An annual grant (for three years) will be allocated to the research group in which each student is based for additional programme costs of £5,000.
- Students should discuss expected spend with their Supervisor(s).

- all expenses need to have prior approval either by your supervisor/DTP administrator.
- daily allowances are capped - communication surrounding this will be sent to you.

If you are a student on programme and have any questions about funding, additional programme costs or travel budgets please feel free to contact:

Programme Handbook

Joint Programme Handbook
The Programme Handbook for the Precision Medicine Doctoral Training Programme PhD with Integrated Study is available as a PDF and the most up-to-date version will be kept here. Please note that some detail within this handbook will only be relevant to University of Edinburgh registered students, and you as a University of Glasgow registered student will have slightly different progression and exit award regulations which will be communicated to you separately. However, it is still each students responsibility for familiarising themselves with the contents of this handbook and the Taught and Research Assessment regulations. 

All University Rules and Regulations surrounding postgraduate study at the University of Glasgow is available here and will also be discussed during Induction.

Programme Requirements

Programme Requirements (2022 onwards)
Details surrounding the programme requirements are detailed here Note that some details are slighltly different at the University of Glasgow - details are communicated separately.

  • A 4 year PhD with the requirement to complete 120 credits worth of courses (3yrs for PhD research project/thesis), plus 40 credits of core training courses in yr 1.
  • A 3.5 year PhD with the requirement to complete 30 credits worth of courses (3yrs for PhD research project/thesis), plus 40 credits of core training courses in yr 1.

• Credit requirements specific to University of Glasgow registered students are detailed below:
[Credit requirements - University of Glasgow registered students]

Students entering without a Master qualification have to complete:
Year 1 – 40 credits
Year 2 – 40 credits
Year 3 – 40 credits

Students entering with a Masters qualification have to complete:
Year 1 – 10 credits
Year 2 – 10 credits
Year 3 – 10 credits

Student Support


Supervisory Team - should be your first point of contact for matters relating to academic and pastoral support. They are available to advise you about your choice of courses, to support you as you plan your programme of study, support you through the thesis process, and to help you to address personal problems affecting your academic work. It is your responsibility to inform your Supervisor immediately of any problems that are interfering with your coursework or progress.

Thesis Committee - act as both a monitor of progression and also of pastoral support. The Thesis Committee Chair and the External member of the Committee are both available to offer support and guidance from both an academic and pastoral point of view.

Precision Medicine Administrative Officers - for general day-to-day advice about any administrative aspects of the Programme. You should consider the Adminstrative Officers the first point of contact for anything you are not sure about.

Precision Medicine Programme Directors  - are available to answer questions in relation to the programme as a whole, or issues you may have that you prefer not to discuss with your Supervisor.

Precision Medicine Student Representatives - are chosen at the beginning of the year and are members of the Student Staff Liaison Committee and the Academic Steering Committee.  If you have an issue or concern about the organisation or content of the programme contact one the student representatives who can raise the issue with the relevant people.

University Sources of Support
MVLS Graduate School
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