Joel Terry


Telephone: 07954503059

School of Physics and Astronomy

Kelvin building 

Room 246b


Research title: PhD in computational imaging of the retina

Research Summary

My research is focused on retinal imaging where I am attempting to develop a new low cost handheld retinal camera capable of imaging up to 80% of the retina, compared to just 30% which you might achieve from a high street opticians . Importantly we are implementing a multi scale design approach to this problem which will not only reduce cost, but will also allow use to correct optical aberration induced by the eye, meaning our camera, on paper, will perform 10x better than current market leading device.


  • Terry J, Geddes D, Ochoa-Gutierrez V, Yang Z, Smith KJ, Harvey AR. Trans-scleral Illumination-The Future of Retinal Imaging?. InEuropean Physical Journal Web of Conferences 2022 Sep (Vol. 266, p. 02007).
  • Terry, J., Santacana, G.C. and Harvey, A., 2022, July. Multi-scale Aberration Corrected Imaging of the Retina. In Imaging Systems and Applications (pp. ITh5D-2). Optica Publishing Group.