University of Glasgow academic honoured by Learned Society of Wales

Learned Society of Wales new fellows 2021 collage

UofG's Professor Gwyn Bellamy MMath FLSW, Professor of Mathematics, University of Glasgow, is among the new entrants to the Learned Society of Wales’ Fellowship. 

He joins 44 other new Fellows, all of whom share a link with Wales, its universities or intellectual life and are drawn from all specialisms. 

A full list of the new Fellows can be downloaded here. They demonstrate the ongoing excellence of Welsh research, universities and intellectual life, all of which have shone during the extraordinary events of this pandemic-marked year. 

The new Fellows include academics from Welsh, UK and overseas higher education institutions as well as individuals who a play a significant role in Welsh public life. Specialisms range from nanotechnology to jazz, parliamentary history to tumour biology and much in between. 

The Society’s President, Professor Hywel Thomas, said of the new intake: "I am delighted to welcome our new Fellows to the Learned Society of Wales. This past, extraordinary, year has shown the value of world-class research. There is a thirst for knowledge and expertise, in all fields, as we try to recover from the challenges of the pandemic. Our Fellows are at the forefront of that knowledge and expertise.

 “We have also elected a higher percentage of women Fellows than ever before, with 38%. There is more we need to do but I am also pleased we are making progress on our efforts to make the Society better reflect the diversity of Welsh life.”

In addition, the Society has admitted two new Honorary Fellows, Professor Hazel Carby and Professor Sir Michael Berry. 

Election to the Fellowship is public recognition of excellence and takes place following a rigorous examination of each nominee’s achievements in their relevant field. 

The Society’s Fellowship now numbers 595. Their combined expertise allows the Society to strengthen its contribution to Welsh public life, through its contributions to government policy development, public lectures and seminars and its expanding Wales Studies programme. 

The new Fellows will be formally admitted at the Society’s AGM which will be held on 19 May 2021. 



  • The Learned Society of Wales is the national academy for arts and sciences.
  • The society's Fellowship brings together experts from across all academic fields and beyond. The society use this collective knowledge to promote research, inspire learning, and provide independent policy advice.
  • Established in 2010, the Learned Society of Wales uses the knowledge of its experts to promote research, inspire learning, and provide independent policy advice. The yearly addition of new Fellows aids the Society in achieving these aims.
  • The 2021 election is the eleventh in a rolling process towards the building of a strong, representative Fellowship.

First published: 27 April 2021

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