The GUEST Communications branch aims to facilitate internal and external communications to make the organisation’s aims known to the wider community.

Internal communications consist of organising team meetings, branch report-backs and a fluent as well as consistent communication between all branches and coordinators. The branch ensures that GUEST has positive and fruitful relationships with students, staff and management, as well as the wider community in Glasgow.

Communications also develops GUEST’s 5-year organisational strategy as well as the communications, branding and social media strategy. We are responsible for updating these documents regularly on our website and ensuring branch information is relevant on the web pages.

This branch also ensures, through the use of promotional materials and social media, that GUEST and its various projects and events have a good outreach in order to best promote sustainable practice on campus and the positive changes we aim to communicate. The Communications team manages social media accounts, creates posters and logos and maintains a constant and continuous presence on campus and online.



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