Community Engagement

The Community Engagement branch facilitates effective communication and coordination between GUEST, other departments within the university and external organisations. These organisations include NGOs and social enterprises. A central focus is ensuring that environmental sustainability is looked at through an intersectional and inclusive lens.  

The branch also aims to develop partnerships with schools around Glasgow and help to facilitate educational and interactive biodiversity sessions, with a particular focus on bringing these opportunities to school children who would be less likely to access them due to socio-economic disparities. These occur on the allotment sites in the local areas or in the schools themselves. By developing these relationships in partnership with social and ecological-justice-oriented research programmes, the CE branch aims to promote widening participation and foster positive associations.

More generally, the branch supports other parts of the GUEST team to promote effective engagement with community organisations with a range of events and projects, such as the annual Glasgow Goes Green Festival, taking place from the 13th to the 19th of March 2023.


Contact: Julia Martinez