From every-day journeys to travelling the world, the ways in which we choose to travel shapes our surroundings and impacts our environment. Sustainable Transport aims to establish, understand and shift how we engage with transport to be socially and environmentally sustainable.

Our branch collaborates with the Estates & Buildings Travel and Transport Co-ordinator, student bodies such as GUBUG, The Bike Station and organisations throughout Scotland to raise the profile of sustainable travel on campus.

A large part of what we do is help improve infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians, ensure information on car sharing schemes and public transport is readily available for your journey planning and offer free maintenance and training events for cyclists. Sustainable transport events include social bike rides, film screenings, workshops and projects promoting the case of space fairness and a 'campus for the people'. We run weekly Bike Hub events where students can get their bikes fixed fo free. In 2017, the Gilmorehill Campus received the Cycle-friendly award and we are hoping to achieve similar successes for the Garscube Campus as well. 


Contact: Heather Conley

Bike Mechanic: Callum MacLeod