Got your period?
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University of Glasgow’s Statement on its Exercise of Functions in support of the Period Products (Free Provision) Scotland Act 2021

The University of Glasgow is committed to providing period products free of charge to all students who menstruate. A range of products can be accessed in a number of accessible toilets on different sites and in a variety of buildings, including halls of residence. To address environmental concerns about conventional products and to ensure that students have choice, sustainable solutions in the form of reusable products are also provided. Students can use the University’s Roomfinder App to help identify these locations. Session 2022/23 will also see the introduction of an online ordering and delivery service, which will be free of charge.

The provision of free period products at the University of Glasgow has been driven by a steering group, comprising representatives from the University of Glasgow Student Representative Council (SRC), Student and Academic Services, Estates and Information Services, who have worked in partnership to deliver the initiative since its introduction in 2018. The SRC has taken responsibility for conducting focus groups with students, including students from our LGBTQ+ community, to ensure that student needs and preferences are met and that our provision supports equality, dignity and the rights of those who menstruate.      

About the initative:

Free sanitary products are available to students at the University of Glasgow as a Scottish Government-led initiative is rolled our across schools, colleges and universities.

Funding worth £5.2m will support the scheme which was announced in August 2018 and is aimed at helping to “banish the scourge of period poverty” for all 395,000 pupils and students across Scotland.

You will find a range of free sanitary products in a number of accessible toilets on different sites and in a variety of buildings, including halls of residence.


Library 2
  • Accessible toilet
  • Gender neutral toilet
Fraser Building
2 Accessible toilet
  • Ladies toilet
  • Accessible toilet
Wolfson Medical School 2 Gender neutral toilet
3 Accessible toilet
St Andrews Building 1 Accessible toilet
2 Ladies toilet
Stevenson Building 2 Accessible toilet
4 Ladies toilet
Gilchrist Club 1 Accessible toilet
1A The Square 1 Ladies toilet
McIntyre Building Ground
  • Ladies toilet
  • Accessible toilet
Boyd Orr Building Ground
  • Ladies toilet
  • Accessible toilet
Mary Stewart Building Ground
  • Ladies toilet
  • Accessible toilet
Small Animal Hospital Ground Accessible toilet
1 Ladies toilet
Sports Centre Ground Accessible toilet
1 Ladies toilet
Cochno House Ground Accessible toilet
Rutherford / McCowan 1 Accessible toilet (Room 235)
Maxwell House Ground Accessible toilet
Ground floor Accessible toilet
Basement Ladies toilet
Cairncross House Ground floor Communal laundry
Kelvinhaugh Gate   Communal laundry
Kelvinhaugh Street   Communal laundry
Queen Margaret Residences Central Services Building Ladies toilet
Winton Flats Central Services Building (near Queen Margaret Resdiences Reception) Ladies toilet
Lister House Near office Public ladies toilet
Maclay Residences Communal lounge Ladies and adapted toilet
Wolfson Hall Ground floor Ladies toilet