University Latest Update: Publication of Results in MyCampus

Over the next few weeks, examination boards will be meeting to consider the results of your assessments. They will be making decisions about progression for continuing students and classification/award for graduating students. I am writing to let you know how we will be reporting the outcomes to you.

As you will know, our No Detriment Policy means that we are calculating your Grade Point Average (GPA) and, if you are a final year student, determining your degree/award classification, in a different way to normal. The important thing to remember is that your GPA is derived from the weighted volume of assessment you have completed and notyour course grades. In implementing the No Detriment Policy we have also revised our approach to the application of Discretion for making final awards when students are close to the boundary of a higher degree/award classification. Steps have been taken to simplify the process in the context of the revised approach to GPA calculation and to ensure that students are not disadvantaged.

As soon as possible after the relevant examination board(s), your results will be published in MyCampus.  Please be patient, because the arrangements are different to normal and it may therefore take a little longer for your results to be processed.

Final Year Students

If you are a final year student on an undergraduate, integrated Masters degree, PG Certificate or PG Diploma and have qualified for your award you should see your:

  • Baseline GPA, which was calculated using assessment completed before 15 March 2020
  • Final GPA, which was calculated on the basis described in our No Detriment Policy
  • Classification, degree or diploma award, which is based on your final GPA

If any of this information is missing, you should contact the Helpdesk for further advice as soon as possible.

The MyCampus screen will explain your options but, in brief:

  • You may choose to accept your award, in which case we will dispatch your parchment and HEAR/transcript during July.  Needless to say, we are very sorry we are unable to hold degree graduation ceremonies in person this summer, but please be assured that we will invite you back to celebrate with us as soon as it is possible to do so.
  • If, however, you believe your performance in the April/May assessment diet was impacted by the pandemic or other circumstances, you may decline your classification and resit assessments in August (for honours and integrated masters degrees this must be a resit of the entire April/May examination diet).

If you wish to appeal against your degree result (see below) you should decline your classification.

If you are a final year student, but have not yet been able to qualify for an award, you will be eligible to take further assessment, details of which are outlined in Appendix 4 of the No Detriment Policy. You should follow the instructions on the MyCampus results pages regarding registration for the August exam diet.

Course grades – all students

You will be able to review the grades awarded for your courses and which will be recorded on your HEAR/transcript.  Where we have insufficient evidence of your achievement to determine a course grade, we have normally awarded CA (Credit Awarded) grade. There is very detailed information about course grades in Appendix 3 of the No Detriment Policy.

Year 1 students

You will be able to progress to the second year.   Exceptionally, and particularly where there has been very little successful assessment even before the period of the pandemic, we may recommend further study at the same level and will contact you individually about this. Please note that different arrangements are in place for some of the professionally regulated undergraduate programmes where there is a requirement for satisfactory completion of all assessment to allow progression to second year.

Year 2 students

We will determine if you are able to progress based on the grades awarded for the assessment you have completed to date. You can view your academic standing/progression status in student centre; Schools will update you about progression to honours. Please note that different arrangements are in place for some of the professionally regulated undergraduate programmes where there is a requirement for satisfactory completion of all assessment to allow progression to third year.

Academic Appeals

If you feel that there has been some procedural irregularity with any of your assessment (course grade or overall degree award) you may submit an academic appeal. This must be initiated within 10 working days of the publication of the results. For instance if you believe there has been an incorrect application of the No Detriment Policy you may submit an appeal. Please note that proper application of the No Detriment Policy will mean that the impact of adverse personal or medical circumstances, between 15 March 2020 and now, will have already been offset in the calculation of GPA, and course results. Appeals, therefore, on those grounds are unlikely to be considered.


I hope these arrangements are clear, but if you do have any questions please submit these to the Helpdesk.   I also hope that you are pleased with your results and that they stand testament to the work you have put into your studies.

I look forward to welcoming you back to Glasgow in the near future: as a proud graduate at a future ceremony, an alumnus, or, in September, if you are continuing your studies with us next year.

With all good wishes,

Professor Jill Morrison, Clerk of Senate and Vice Principal



First published: 2 June 2020

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